Art Cities

| 15 February 2018

Of every city of Romagna, Cesena is the most secret one. (Sergio Zavoli, I giorni della meraviglia, 1994) Cesena is right in the heart of Emilia Romagna and it develops on the historic Via Aemilia;… Read more >>

| 12 February 2018

“Reggio: daring and graceful, this daughter of Marco Emilio Lepido consul and mother of Ludovico Ariosto” Giosuè Carducci – Poet, 1897) A MAN-SIZED CITY Reggio Emilia is always on top of the charts, among the… Read more >>

| 09 February 2018

Archaeology means emotions, sense of wonder for discovery, but also love for travel. It’s a journey backwards in history, that aims at knowing step by step what our origins are and from where we come…. Read more >>

| 08 February 2018

“It’s easy to live in Parma, but you have to agree with the people about music and gastronomy” (Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma) Also known as the Ducal city, due to its history but also… Read more >>

| 06 February 2018

Valentine’s Day is approaching with great strides, in the air you hear more and more the call of the cupid sweets ready to shoot their arrows, when all the lovers are preparing to prepare gifts… Read more >>

| 04 February 2018

Carnival has ancient origins. From the Dionysian rites of ancient Greece to the Saturnalia of Romans this festivity  has always represented the “end” and the “new beginning”: interpreted through times as closing and new beginning… Read more >>