Art Cities

| 20 November 2017

When you visit a new city or land, Art lovers like me have already experienced that for time and economic reasons, you often have to make some cuts, selecting only some places from your list…. Read more >>

| 16 November 2017

“When I want to understand the history of Italy I take a train and travel to Ravenna” Arnaldo Momigliano Ravenna is a city that is able to SURPRISE with elegance and discretion. It is a… Read more >>

| 10 November 2017

Vintage and brand clothing, jewellery and precious objects, but also furniture of some years back and craft objects that you would have never imagined to find on the stalls of a market. All this at affordable… Read more >>

| 27 October 2017

Halloween dates back a very long time, more than you imagine. It was the tradition that before going to bed, families used to leave their tables set with the left-overs of dinner for the souls of their loved… Read more >>

| 26 October 2017

They are 14, they are different from each other in terms of characters and characteristics, but they share the same desire to redeem and become acquainted: they are the Most Beautiful Italian Villages that rise… Read more >>

| 25 October 2017

The last blog post dedicated to the Authentic Italian Villages is particularly important as it is dedicated to the Union of Municipalities of Romagna (around Forlì), composed of 15 municipalities: Bertinoro, Castrocaro Terme and Terra… Read more >>