Abbazia di San Benedetto in Alpe: a fusion between art and nature


Abbazia di San Benedetto in Alpe: a fusion between art and nature

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On August 14th and 15th in San Benedetto in Alpe, a small village on the hills of Romagna (about 50km from Forlì), you will be able to visit the Benedictine Abbey, which has just reopened to the public, on July 16th. The Abbey, one of the oldest of the Appennines between Tuscany and Romagna, is located within the Foreste Casentinesi National Park, recently become UNESCO heritage site.

The guided tour of Monday August 14 will be very special because it is made in the evening, after the sunset, while the one on August 15 will take place from 10am to 11.30am. In addition, August and September are rich in events that will take place among the abbey, the paths and the streets of the village. Because of the reopening, new information panels are also set up, telling the story and some curiosities about the Abbey to provide to the public an interactive and conscious visit.

The Benedictine complex combines history, art and architecture in a breathtaking natural setting: the timeless charm of Foreste Casentinesi. The Abbey is born in the spot where three different streams (Troncalosso, Acquacheta and Rio Destro) flow, reason why this place was originally called “biforco”.

As it is known, the charm of these landscapes struck and inspired Dante Alighieri, who in 1302 stopped in the Abbey during his trip to Forlì. After that experience, the Sommo Poeta decided to compare the sound of Acquacheta Waterfalls to the noise produced by the infernal river Flegetonte (XVI Canto of Inferno).

The construction of the Monastery of San Benedetto in Alpe (and consequently of the village) also derives from the strategic importance of the place, since the ancient path that led to Tuscany passed here, the same that in 1836 has been transformed in the rolling road and still connects Forlì to Florence.

You can go to the abbey for a day trip, but if you want there is also the opportunity to spend a few nights here, diving in the past and the silence of those magical places.

San Benedetto in Alpe is in fact also the starting point, or a connection, for many excursions immersed in these green and rich-in-history places, set inside the Foreste Casentinesi Park. The itineraries have different length and level of difficulty, the main are the two pilgrims routes Cammino di Sant’Antonio and Cammino di Dante.

San Benedetto in Alpe and its Benedictine Abbey are a destination that can satisfy everyone, from families who wants to do an outdoor trip, to whoever wants to discover one of the wonderful itineraries proposed. A real shame not to go!

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