A weekend in Ferrara


A weekend in Ferrara

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Ferrara is located in the Emilia-Romagna’s valley, a few kilometers south of the river Po.
The Este Family governed the city for three centuries and gave it the appearance that still preserves: a unique urbanism, which harmoniously blends the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, making it the first modern city of Europe.
Precisely because of this characteristic, Ferrara was recognized in 1995 as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Cities by UNESCO.

Ferrara is a city on a human scale, but very lively, and is famous for being the “city of bicycles”.
So everyone in the saddle, let’s go!

  • Este Castle, Ferrara | Ph. @studioesseci

  • Ferrara | Ph. alex1965, via pixabay.com

  • Foschini Round, Municipal Theatre of Ferrara | Ph. Andrea Parisi, WLM 2012

  • Cathedral’s Museum, Ferrara | Ph. Andrea Parisi, WLM 2013

  • Schifanoia Palace, Ferrara | Ph. anonimo

  • Schifanoia Palace, Ferrara | Ph. Sailko

  • Costabili Palace, Ferrara | Ph. Andrea Comisi, WLM 2016

  • Ferrara City Walls | Ph. Manuela Barattini, via Flickr

  • Diamanti Palace, Ferrara | Ph. Sansa55

  • Este Castle, Ferrara | Ph. Vanni Lazzari

For more information, take a look at the official Ferrara Terra e Acqua tourist site.


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