5 Valentine’s Day songs to discover the Emilia-Romagna


5 Valentine’s Day songs to discover the Emilia-Romagna

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Valentine’s Day is approaching with great strides, in the air you hear more and more the call of the cupid sweets ready to shoot their arrows, when all the lovers are preparing to prepare gifts and surprises to their partners, organizing the day / evening / week perfect end in the name of Love with a capital L…

How do you say? Cupid did wrong aim? Haven’t you decided the right gift yet? Is the intended destination still far from being even thought of?

The staff of Turismo Emilia Romagna runs to your aid, without a magic wand, but with a stereo and the right playlist, pure love, emotions and feelings through the speakers that will awaken your romantic side giving you the right sprint to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Emilia-Romagna.


Whitney Houston – I Will always love you

The years passed from that 1992 when this song came out, which is certainly one of the most beautiful love songs of all time. A feeling that will end, decisively, strong and proud like the Castello Estense of Ferrara, able to create, in the beautiful city of Emilia, an eternal romantic atmosphere!


Antonello Venditti – Ricordati di me

Few of you will be able to listen to this song without screaming the words, or even just the beautiful melody. What is beyond the sea? Maybe stopping for a moment to watch the sun set on the water of Rimini, illuminating the waves and the air of yellow, red and orange rays of light, all in the company of your beloved partner.

The Beatles – Love me do

The Fab Four of Liverpool is a simple and direct song, symbol of a sincere love, without excessive frills or abstruse refinements. Simple as the lines of the Castle of Torrechiara in Parma, ancient unchanging fortress, as your feelings for the person you love.

Halloween in Emilia Romagna

Ben.E King – Stand by Me

If all you want is to tighten your loved one, let yourself be carried away by the sweet notes of Ben E King, walking hand in hand on the heights of Brisighella. The Via degli Asini will certainly succeed in creating the right atmosphere of love, in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy!

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Lucio Dalla – Anna e Marco

A beautiful love story, Anna and Marco, simple and genuine, born in the streets of the province. The master’s voice still echoes through the streets of Bologna, where perhaps the two lovers have escaped to be able to live their life together, under the moon and the stars of Piazza Maggiore, observed only by a majestic god of the Sea …

Palazzo del Podestà, Bologna

Bologna Ph. matteomammato


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