Bring me to Verucchio Festival


Bring me to Verucchio Festival

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In case you don’t know it – yet – in Verucchio (Rimini) there is a music festival that takes place during the central weeks of July and that is characterised by an intense programme of refined performances with amazing Italian and international artists.

The 33rd edition of the festival will not disappoint you. I looked at the website the other day and I have to admit that I’ve already bought some tickets. The highest artistic and musical level will enchant you: 7 concerts from 15th July (aka tomorrow) to 1st August, that will invade the valley of Verucchio and spread notes and scents in the entire province of Rimini.

As far as I remember, the first time I went there it was the year 2009. I had just bought a new car and I was so eager to see Emiliana Torrini live. She had enchanted me the previous year with her album “Me and Armini” from Island. The following year it was the time of Mercury Rev, that amazed me with their fluctuating notes and after, in the same night, the wonderful piano concert by Dustin O’Halloran.

Ok, I admit it: that day I wasn’t alone, and I was even in love, but despite this the festival was such an involving experience in itself that from that moment I promised to come back every year, and so I did.

Verucchio | Foto di Pilù.2008, via Flickr

Verucchio | Photo by Pilù.2008, via Flickr

Verucchio Festival has something more that makes it so special, a union of characteristics that are able to turn every night into something magical and unique.

  1. let’s start with the Music. The festival always meets the expectations. During the years artist such as Randy Newman, Paolo Fresu, Ludovico Einaudi, Kings of Convenience, Stefano Bollani, Blonde Redhead and Paolo Nutini performed on Verucchio’s stage. Their heart-felt presence gave the audience a feeling of a unique group music experience;
  2. the Location. Be it the Church Chiesa Collegiata or the fortress Rocca Malatestiana, here there is so much beauty a heart wouldn’t be enough to contain it. Around you, the valley of river Marecchia, illuminated by the lights of the night. At the horizon the Adriatic Sea and at your shoulders the silhouette of Mount Titano. In the air a breeze of summer scents and flavours. And finally, last but not least, the village of Verucchio, that with its historical buildings is one of the nicest villages in Italy;
  3. we are in Romagna, and I should say no more. Verucchio’s Restaurants can prepare a delicious dinner for their guests before the concerts, combining the tastes of products of sea and land;
  4. it is a Romantic Festival, not because it aims at being so, but because the location is intrinsically romantic. A unique landscape, breathtaking twilight, great food and incredible music. Bring your special person with you for an unforgettable night. Highly recommended if you have something to be forgiven 😉


Saturday, 15th July |  Yann Tiersen | Listen on Spotify
Tuesday, 18th July | Remo Anzovino VS. Roy Paci “Tribute To Muhammad Ali” | Listen on Spotify
Sunday, 23rd July | Dargen d’Amico | Listen on Spotify
Wednesday, 26th July | Daniele Silvestri | Listen on Spotify
Saturday, 29th July | Robert Glasper | Listen on Spotify
Sunday, 30th July | Carmen Consoli | Listen on Spotify
Tuesday, 1st August| Vinicio Capossela & Marc Ribot – Strikes! | Listen on Spotify









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