Take it slow with “Primavera slow”


Take it slow with “Primavera slow”

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Daylight saving time has just arrived to steal me one hour of good sleep but I am trying to see also the positive aspects of this little change like enjoying all the activities en plain air.

As an example the Slow Spring event which allows you to experience wild nature in the Emilia-Romagna Po Delta Park until the 3rd of June.

Following the success of the last editions noteworthy for their full program of slow tourism excursions and guided visits, this year’s event has an equally packed program of novelties and special excursions over 11 weeks of events.

In the enchanting natural setting of the Po Delta Park, there will be a full calendar of events focused on bird-watching and slow tourism.
All the activities have “slowness” as a guideline, and are aimed at making visitors discover the beauty and richness of the Delta area.

Weekends will be hosted in the most suggestive places of the Po Delta Park, which will allow visitors to enjoy the territory through SLOW tourism, slow and quality tourism that moves respecting the environment and the landscape, inhabitants of the territories, the traditions and local uses, and typical local products.

Excursions, boat tours, cycling tours, horse rides, golf and eco-friendly sports, environment didactic laboratories, special events, food and wine tastings and many more activities will be organized all around the Po Delta Park, from Goro to Mesola, passing through the Comacchio Lagoons and getting to the southern territories around Cervia and Ravenna.

This year, some new and interesting night itineraries into the wildlife will be planned in the Park, to recognize voices and sounds of nature. For bird-watching enthusiasts who want to recognize the highest number of bird species in a day, the excursion “100 species a day” will be organized.

More excursions and laboratories: around the Mesola Wood by electric bus, searching for the Mesola Deer; by train around the southern part of the Comacchio Lagoons, pairing fishing traditions with seafood tastings. More laboratories, both for kids and adults, to learn the secrets of herbs.

More info: deltaduemila@tin.it

Full program here


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