Tag: Sassuolo

| 26 August 2013

The 2013 edition of the festival scheduled for September 13 to 15 will be dedicated to loving, to build a lexicon of many voices from which emerges, as the experience of Pivot, what is essentially… Read more >>

| 15 May 2013

Thanks to Sonia Monteventi from Monte San Pietro (near Bologna), today we would like to share the recipe of a traditional cake, the rice cake is popular in the area of Bologna and Emilia Romagna… Read more >>

| 30 July 2012

Sometimes summer gives us the occasion to pause, to switch off our hectic life. And taking part to a philosophy festival could be a way to cultivate your spirit. If the idea does not seem so unlikely visit Modena… Read more >>

| 10 October 2011

The beautiful city of Modena was governed by the Este family and in 1598 became their capital;  in 1998 the festival “Grandezze & Meraviglie” was created to celebrate the anniversary and to point out the great… Read more >>

| 29 August 2011

Philosophia, from Greek, “love of knowledge, wisdom,” from philo- “loving” + sophia “knowledge, wisdom,”. It is that simple? Probably yes and no.. but in order to nourish this love of knowledge in Modena public institutions… Read more >>

| 17 September 2010

These days there’s really plenty of things to do in Modena. On Friday 17th September the Philosophy Festival is due to begin: the topic this year is Luck (and it is a strage matter if… Read more >>