Tag: Sant’Agata Feltria

| 07 June 2016

Nestled among the hills of Rimini’s hinterland, on the southern part of Emilia Romagna, there is an enchanted valley made of breathtaking landscapes and authentic villages. It is the Valmarecchia, the Romagna’s Valley drawn from… Read more >>

| 17 December 2014

Christmas atmosphere is almost everywhere now, lights and music, decoration and special food. Beautiful trimmings appeared in town as well as at the sea side, giving places a very romantic and sweet look. The magic of… Read more >>

| 02 September 2014

From the Po river plans to the hills of Rimini all white truffle fans are summoned in Emilia Romagna. Truffles have always had admirers but recently the truffle market has experienced a considerable expansion, and… Read more >>

| 02 October 2013

It’s time to truffle hunting in Emilia Romagna region, please do not miss the international truffle fair in Sant’Agata Feltria! Here we present (thanks to Giacono Tabellini from Bologna) a typical soup of the Bolognese hills, enriched… Read more >>

| 06 September 2013

Someone used to called the truffle “the kitchen diamond”, what is definitely true is that this very peculiar fruit of the earth is an incredible and versatile ingredient of simple and topclass cooking. In Emilia… Read more >>

| 27 July 2012

Fascinating fortified village, which is enchanting even when seen from a distance, Petrella Guidi is one of the historical gem of Sant’Agata Feltria and a part of the history of the land of Malatesta. Created with flickr… Read more >>