Tag: Piacenza

| 15 December 2016

One of the favorite topics during lunches and dinners of Christmas with relatives undoubtedly affect the amount of snow that is no longer what it once was: and so tales of kilometers of white-washed campaigns… Read more >>

| 15 October 2016

After the full-immersion in Tidone Valley, today we are going to discover another part of Piacenza’s territory. The ‘Wines and Flavours Trail of the Hills of Piacenza’ continues in Trebbia Valley, going from Rivergaro to… Read more >>

| 13 September 2016

The final part of summer, when autumn is going to knock on the door, is the perfect season to prolong the summer excitement and enjoy a weekend, or a day trip, at the open air:… Read more >>

| 27 May 2016

This photographic weekend we follow the girls of Instagramers Piacenza for a tour of the green ValTidone, the valley formed by Tidone River in the westernmost part of Piacenza hinterland, known for its beautiful vineyards… Read more >>

| 11 April 2016

The Ponte Gobbo (also known as Ponte Vecchio or the Devil’s Bridge) is an ancient bridge with an irregular profile, which crosses the river Trebbia in a small town called Bobbio, on the Piacenza’s Apennines…. Read more >>

| 04 September 2015

The street food ongoing event In viaggio verso Expo has reached a midpoint and is proceeding toward east. Along the historical route Via Emilia few bicycles are leading the way, visiting the main cities along this… Read more >>