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STD Parma ham festival

Sara Mantovani July 24, 2014

Do you know that the word “prosciutto” (ham) takes its origin from the Latin prae exuctus, meaning ‘dried up’. The ancient Gauls and Romans already knew since a long time the art of salting and preserving meats, in fact the earliest evidence on the processing and preservation of pork meat by salting can be found in… Continue Reading »


Music at the Castle

Sara Mantovani June 13, 2014

Fresh breeze, great music and amazin venues, this is the summer “cocktail” that the area around Parma, Reggio Emilia and Piacenza will offer to visitors. The fortresses, royal palaces, fortifications and manor houses in the province of Parma are unanimously considered to be some of the most beautiful and best preserved in Italy. And inside… Continue Reading »


Egg hunt in the Castles of Parma and Piacenza Duchy

Sara Mantovani April 14, 2014

Origins of egg hunt tradition is not clear, it is common in many countries but nobody could say exactly when and where it started. So let’s take the best part of it, the occasion to get together and spend some lovely time en plein air. At Gropparello Castle, “THE MAGIC WHITE DRAGON EGG HUNT ” will take place… Continue Reading »


Scented Parma

Sara Mantovani March 24, 2014

We already had the occasion to present you the precious “violetta” from Parma talking about Marie Louise duchess of Parma. The perfume Violetta di Parma owes its very existence to Marie Louise and her love of this flower. She actually encoraged and supported research by the monks at the Monastery of the Annunciata who, after long… Continue Reading »


Pasta celebration

Sara Mantovani March 17, 2014

In everyone’s mind one of the most popular stereotype regarding Italy is probably pasta and in Emilia Romagna region we are definitely proud of being great pasta and fresh pasta makers! The chance to speak about pasta has arisen from the highness of the NYT! that published a very nice piece by Nicholas Blechman about… Continue Reading »

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