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| 24 July 2014

Do you know that the word “prosciutto” (ham) takes its origin from the Latin prae exuctus, meaning ‘dried up’. The ancient Gauls and Romans already knew since a long time the art of salting and preserving… Read more >>

| 07 October 2013

To be honest November is not a fancy month but in Emilia Romagna region we found out a way to lighten it up! A celebration of taste for any food lover: pork products and cheese… Read more >>

| 01 October 2012

Until December, there will be a lot of events, with festivals, market-exhibitions, fairs and tastings, all dedicated to the best DOP and IGP products and to excellent wine from this region: from Parma Ham to… Read more >>

| 24 August 2012

The production of genuine Parma Ham is the story of a special relationship between man and nature. Since Roman times, the unique conditions of the Parma region have made it possible to produce the highest… Read more >>

| 02 August 2011

A tasty trip to Emilia Romagna to discover the flavours of this region, starting from Piacenza and landing in Rimini. An entire holiday could be built around places of production of Parma ham or Parmigiano… Read more >>

| 01 September 2010

Until December a rich calendar of “greedy events” to discover the flavours of the Emilia Romagna region! Wine Food Festival 2010. From the sea to the mountains, from Rimini to Piacenza, you will be able… Read more >>