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| 04 October 2017

Ravenna is a natural observatory on what happens inside and around the mosaic. Its history and monuments offer an immense both visual and cultural horizon with which a debate seems, even after many centuries, still interesting…. Read more >>

| 01 August 2017

A new episode of our video project dedicated to Emilia-Romagna’s handmade activities takes us to Ravenna to discover how the ancient art of Mosaic has come to our days. Our host is Arianna, a mosaicist… Read more >>

| 06 December 2016

On 7th December, that would be tomorrow, Ravenna is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the inscription of eight of its monuments on the List of World Heritage Sites. In fact, twenty years ago, precisely on… Read more >>

| 15 May 2014

Thinking about a very special way to depict reality, an ancient way to represent day-to-day life as well as divinities and God, we would like to spend this post in presenting you Ravenna and its… Read more >>

| 16 January 2013

Ravenna is worldwide known as the capital of mosaics, legend has it that the Byzantines were a fabulous and mysterious people, qualities that certainly also apply to one of their main cities – Ravenna, the former… Read more >>

| 23 July 2012

Looking for something unusual? Until mid September in Ravenna Mosaics by Night 2012 will give you the chance to see masterpieces and to avoid the heat of the day. As in previous years, two UNESCO… Read more >>