Tag: Mortadella

| 09 October 2014

We already presented you the event that is going on this week end in Bologna celebrating the most Bolognese product: Mortadella. This cold cut is representing Bologna so deeply that in some places around the… Read more >>

| 16 September 2014

Also today we would like borrow someone else’s words to celebrate our beautiful land. James Ruggia visited Emilia Romagna few days ago and wrote a beautiful article that you can find here “Bologna is the gateway and… Read more >>

| 16 September 2013

Dates of a lot of events celebrating truffles are approaching so we would like to propose you a very simple but delicious recipe thanks to the suggestion coming from Maurizia Zanolini. It is cooked in the… Read more >>

| 05 July 2013

While all along the coast we get ready for the Pink night, we would like to serve you today a touch of pink for your table. Mortadella is probably the most famous cold meat belonging… Read more >>

| 26 September 2011

During the fifth century Saint Petronio was bishop of Bologna and he did a lot for his city, overall he was the first supporter and creator of the Basilica di Santo Stefano, the building scheme… Read more >>

| 05 August 2011

Second step of our tasty trip to Emilia Romagna to discover the flavours of this region, starting from Piacenza and arriving in Rimini. Food is not just great but a perfect justification for an entire… Read more >>