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[#blogville friend’s video] Breaking Bad goes Italian: Breaking Balsamic

Nicholas Montemaggi September 30, 2014

by Turner Barr (@80worldjobs) Last year I had the pleasure of spending time in the Emilia-Romagna region in Blogville. After visiting Modena and making traditional balsamic vinegar, I not only fell in love with traditional balsamic and the entire process that goes into its perfection, but also in love with an Italian family and their… Continue Reading »


Clash of the (motor) Titans

Sara Mantovani April 22, 2014

As reported by Ferruccio Lamborghini himself the story went like that. One day, really fed up by the fact that his Ferrari car had problems with the clutch, Ferruccio went to Maranello and asked to fix the problem. Mechanics were unable to solve the problem the way Ferruccio wanted, so he spoke directly to his friend… Continue Reading »


American tigella

Sara Mantovani February 26, 2014

We will never stop talking about food! The Italian tradition about home cooking spread around the entire world and we are very proud of that. Event the important Washington Post yesterday devoted a post blog to a restaurant that serves tigelle! Tigelle are a typical bread of the Apennines around Modena but today widely eaten… Continue Reading »


Happy Birthay Enzo Ferrari – The Modena automobile club

Sara Mantovani February 20, 2014

Emilia Romagna is quite possibly the most important region in the history of the Italian motor industry. And Ferrari is the definitely a gem in the crown. Thanks to the official web site we report today the story of the Modena automobile club by Enzo Ferrari continuing the tribute tho this incredible man at… Continue Reading »


Chocolate for Valentine’s day

Sara Mantovani January 23, 2014

I know chocolate and Valentine’s day is too obvious but I am sure this is a little bit more original version. The beautiful Piazza Grande in Modena (Unesco World Heritage site) will be “chocolate-coated” thanks to “Cioccolato vero” an exhibition of artisan chocolatiers that will take place in Modena 14-16 Febuary 2014 and that isaddressed… Continue Reading »

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