Tag: Emilia Romagna

| 28 June 2016

There are people who when they look at a monument, a panorama they view much more then what the eyes can see: they see parallel universes, alternative realities, fairytale scenarios. These people have the ability… Read more >>

| 22 June 2016

He is not only one of the artists whose Emilia Romagna (and Italy as well) is most proud, he is also, on closer inspection, one of the most passionate historical evidence that, after more than… Read more >>

| 17 June 2016

The next weekend we want to lead you to admire the Landscape of Emilia Romagna at the end of Spring. Hills, mountains and beaches caressed by the sun and the mild temperature that usually gives us… Read more >>

| 13 June 2016

It is said that it is the Gastronomic Treasure of Italy, where are collected the foods and basic preparations of the Italian cuisine.  And in fact, thinking about it, the Emilia Romagna is a unique place… Read more >>

| 06 June 2016

The starting point is the title of Federico Fellini classic film “La Dolce Vita” and, after years, this famous film that celebrates the italian golden age is still the inspiration for a life of heedless pleasure and… Read more >>

| 24 May 2016

The Wellness Valley, also known as the first International District dedicated to wellness and quality of life, is something that only here could happen. And it is from a such idea that slowly gets its way… Read more >>