Tag: Emilia Romagna

| 15 March 2017

Feeling, breathing and living the territory like a local is always been one of the main dream of every traveler, with a curious and respectful approach, and the desire of an experience that can paint with… Read more >>

| 14 March 2017

““Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul” Being a biker is more than a hobby, it’s a way of life. It give thrills and emotions that are hard to describe to those… Read more >>

| 07 March 2017

Italy and Germany have for long been in relationship, if only because both belong to a territory that it’s Europe, which over the centuries has shaped history and public relations between cultures. If you want… Read more >>

| 07 February 2017

St Valentine’s Day is coming fast, we can smell the taste of love in the air, when all the lovers are ready to prepare presents for their partners, organizing incredible surprises, or a day/weekend in the name… Read more >>

| 31 January 2017

What are the most interesting and beautiful caves of the Emilia Romagna? Ever wondered about that? But mostly, which ones can be safely visited? The underground world has always fascinated me. It’s not completely unrelated… Read more >>

| 27 January 2017

In Italy and in the rest of Europe the 27th of January is the Holocaust Remembrance Day, in memory of the same day, when in 1945, the Red Army entered in Auschwitz, showing to all… Read more >>