Tag: DOP and IGP products

| 11 October 2016

With its 43 PDO and PGI products officially registered, Emilia Romagna is the Italian Region with the largest number of European origin certification. But very rarely food and mathematics run together, so today we would… Read more >>

| 06 September 2016

There are at least 5 products that make Emilia-Romagna famous in the world and that every inhabitant of this land has in his heart: Parma Ham Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Tortellini… Read more >>

| 13 June 2016

It is said that it is the Gastronomic Treasure of Italy, where are collected the foods and basic preparations of the Italian cuisine.  And in fact, thinking about it, the Emilia Romagna is a unique place… Read more >>

| 25 May 2016

A Steller Story about our visit to a original Parmigiano Reggiano cheese factory: Discover more about the production stages of the king of cheeses or find all the information to visit a dairy.

| 19 February 2016

“We’re in Ferrara province, that lies in the region of Emilia Romagna which is also known as “the kitchen of Italy”, That’s like crème the la crème, right? We were invited to taste all corners… Read more >>

| 11 February 2015

In Emilia Romagna region we are very proud of our food&wine as the production of 41 dop/igp high quality delis is based in the area. Here you can have an idea of the paradise that foodies will… Read more >>