Tag: Christmas

| 10 November 2017

Vintage and brand clothing, jewellery and precious objects, but also furniture of some years back and craft objects that you would have never imagined to find on the stalls of a market. All this at affordable… Read more >>

| 20 December 2016

Even though the celebration of Christmas is supposed to be a moment of solidarity and brotherhood, on 8th December many families of Christian faith tragically divide in two houses: the house of nativity scenes (my… Read more >>

| 19 December 2016

Christmas holidays are coming to Emilia Romagna! This is the perfect occasion to spend your time with your family, between cosiness and unconditional love, with good food and all the other ingredients of a perfect winter… Read more >>

| 16 December 2016

Sweetly lying in the northern Italian landscape the Emilia Romagna’s cities have a magical and charming during the Christmas days. In order to offer you the best of local tradition, today we have four ideas… Read more >>

| 13 December 2016

The 2017 has been named as the year of the Villages in Italy and Emilia-Romagna offers you the opportunity to discover them many days ahead of time: here 6 places full of history, culture and traditions, and… Read more >>

| 12 December 2016

Dear Santa, only a few weeks left before your arrival and I haven’t bought anything yet. No present, nothing for me and nothing for others. I don’t have the faintest idea of what to look… Read more >>