Tag: Cervia

| 10 July 2013

Also for the July contest #myER_BeachLife we set up for you few short trips to help you to catch the perfect pic! Do you fancy some sunbathing, relax and beach activities? Saturday, 13th of July, we… Read more >>

| 10 June 2013

Let’s continue our journey among different forms of art. Today we would like to suggest you to stroll around the street markets that almost every town in Emilia Romagna hosts all along the year. For example… Read more >>

| 22 April 2013

It is known that butterfly is a symbol of spring and as in Italy we are still in the middle of autumn:-( we would like to talk about this enchanting place hoping this will bring… Read more >>

| 25 June 2012

No, the idea is not to being a part of a new version of the Big Brother  but give you a hint of what is going on  along the Riviera with some cameras live. Beach umbrellas… Read more >>

| 02 May 2012

The following “my Emilia-Romagna” is a special one. It’s an account of more voices put together, it’s the choral idea a group of people got while travelling and discovering the treasures of Emilia-Romagna. We could… Read more >>

| 18 April 2012

It has now reached its 568th edition but this ancient rite celebrated at the sea and its fishing-for-the-ring challenge, where young Cervia residents try to get the “trophy” thus bringing good luck and prosperity, have… Read more >>