Tag: Castles of the Duchy

| 13 June 2014

Fresh breeze, great music and amazin venues, this is the summer “cocktail” that the area around Parma, Reggio Emilia and Piacenza will offer to visitors. The fortresses, royal palaces, fortifications and manor houses in the… Read more >>

| 14 April 2014

Origins of egg hunt tradition is not clear, it is common in many countries but nobody could say exactly when and where it started. So let’s take the best part of it, the occasion to… Read more >>

| 09 April 2014

After proposing you a cycing itinerary on the east part of Emilia Romagna region we now move west but keeping firm two elements: cycling and romanticism. Here you can find the detail of this medium… Read more >>

| 11 March 2014

Feeling like Jules Verne and his “Le tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours”? In the quiet of the sky, discovering our land from the blue, we propose you a tour over the castles of Parma and… Read more >>

| 11 September 2013

Still going on our Instagram contests devoted to Palaces and Castles of Emilia Romagna region. Please remember to register here if you want to take part to our short trip at the discovery of San Pietro in Cerro and Fontanellato… Read more >>

| 02 September 2013

As promised here we are with the presentation of the short trips we set up to help you discovering some of the most beautiful castles of Emilia Romagna region. SAN LEO Saturday Sept 8 we… Read more >>