Tag: Bologna

| 22 August 2016

If The New York Times Food gets wrong, the famous Chef Bruno Barbieri, born in Bologna, responds and reveals his personal recipe for a true mouth-watering Ragù Bolognese! Original post in Italian by Huffingtonpost.it There… Read more >>

| 28 July 2016

Typical TV is a video-storytelling project to discover through HD videos and interactive maps the more characteristic places, faces & customs of Bologna’s territory. In this first episode on ERT blog we go discovering three… Read more >>

| 21 July 2016

This blogpost is the translation of an Italian article by Oriana Lang (@itsoriana_) on instaexplorer.it; here the original version. Bologna is not only the learned, the fat and the red. By the time the city… Read more >>

| 19 July 2016

There are so many reasons to visit Bologna, and there are so many activities to do as well: first of all, Bologna is famous for food and monuments but have you ever tried to have a walk around the… Read more >>

| 20 June 2016

Have you ever imagined to walk and move around in a building designed by the great architect Le Corbusier, father of contemporary urbanism? In Bologna you can! Today we bring you discovering a hidden gem… Read more >>

| 10 June 2016

This week kicked off the 5th edition of BlogVille, the project organized by APT Servizi together with iAmbassador network that leads the travel-bloggers from around the world in Emilia-Romagna and leaves them free to go… Read more >>