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| 25 November 2016

Hugo Pratt can be considered one of the most important comic book creator of all times. He was born in Rimini in 1927,to Rolando Pratt and Evelina Genero. At the end of the Second World… Read more >>

| 10 October 2016

Of Dames, of Knights, of armes, of loves delight, Of courtesies, of high attempts I speake. Have you ever read these verses? It is the beginning of one of the greatest masterpieces of Western literature,… Read more >>

| 29 September 2016

Talking about Ceramics in Emilia Romagna we have to going back in time to childhood of humanity. Experts claim indeed that this art was invented independently in only two places in the world, the saharian… Read more >>

| 08 July 2016

Few cities in the world can sum up the roaring spirit of the Belle Époque like Salsomaggiore Terme, near Parma. Salsomaggiore was the place to be for the European jet set. Here you could encounter… Read more >>

| 05 May 2016

Traditional Itinerant Dinner, which takes place every May in Faenza, in this ninth edition is extended to become a entire Itinerant Weekend of art and gastronomy: the date is for the weekend of May 13… Read more >>

| 03 May 2016

The CSAC- Study Center and Communication Archive of the University of Parma is promoting an interesting exhibition about the Via Emilia called “Explorations of the Archive”, one of the exhibitions that will start on the… Read more >>