Tag: Art Cities

| 22 April 2016

On the 23rd of April the second edition of the Biennial Comics Festival will come back to Rimini. The event’s name is “Profili del Mondo”  (“Profiles from the world”) and it will surprise us with… Read more >>

| 21 April 2016

Villa Sorra, nearby Castelfranco Emilia, is one of the most important historical villas in the Modena area. Its park, with ornamental plants imported from all over the world, includes the most representative example of Este… Read more >>

| 18 April 2016

The route we suggest you today leads us to the discovery of some of the most stunning cities along the Via Emilia, the ancient road that traced the plot of the civil and economic development… Read more >>

| 15 April 2016

This weekend we take you on a journey through the most beautiful and ancient Bridges of Emilia Romagna. 18 among Romans and modern bridges that deserve to be crossed for their historical character and because, for long… Read more >>

| 14 April 2016

The history of Emilia Romagna rediscovered by art and architecture of this land. Bridges, extraordinary construction operations, creates a relationship between different places, making the world smaller and with a human size. In Emilia Romagna… Read more >>

| 11 April 2016

The Ponte Gobbo (also known as Ponte Vecchio or the Devil’s Bridge) is an ancient bridge with an irregular profile, which crosses the river Trebbia in a small town called Bobbio, on the Piacenza’s Apennines…. Read more >>