Summer nights – fun and events in Emilia-Romagna


Summer nights – fun and events in Emilia-Romagna

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June is now dripping, the heat begins to be insistent at every hour of the day, as well as the desire to reach the beautiful riviera inexorably increases, a sign that spring is now a sweet memory and that is getting the most fun period of the year … the summer!

The summer evenings in Emilia-Romagna do not leave us unsatisfied this year, starting with the right sprint with a variety of events for all tastes. Let’s find out more in detail together.

CINEMADIVINO (different places along the Via Emilia)


Great movies can be enjoyed in a cellar? Certainly unusual choice, but in this case it is a must, for an evening that combines two great pleasures of life: cinema and wine. The 14th edition brings us to the wineries and the avenues of the wineries of the most important wine areas of Italy, presenting films on the big screen and at the same time sipping a glass of wine, tasting typical dishes of the territory. Under a starry sky and vineyards, the viewers will not only see a movie but also visit the cellars and discover more about the world of Emilia-Romagna wine. More info and updates on the official SITE of the event. Here you will also find the PROGRAM, for where / when near you.


LA NOTTE DELLE STREGHE (21-25 june San Giovanni Marignano RN)

Fear, wonder, color and folklore, we are talking about the Night of the Witches of San Giovanni Marignano! It is a very old tradition to celebrate the summer solstice with the wish and hope of fostering the common harvest. A night in which, as the proverb says, everything can happen, where witches sneak around the crowds in the streets of the village center. We are just in the same period of the year when witches once performed their rites on the streets; Legend also wants Artemisia, the good witch of Valconca, to live in San Giovanni in Marignano. What better place to celebrate the summer night? More INFO

NOTTE ROMANTICA (24 june – different places in Emilia-Romagna)

There are several villages that join the most romantic summer event in Emilia-Romagna: a night dedicated to romantic love during the summer solstice. Squares, alleys, and ancient palaces will create the perfect atmosphere, made of pure magic, to celebrate the world’s moving feeling. The difficult choice between Bobbio, Castell’Arquato, Brisighella, Compiano, Dozza, Montefiore Conca, Montegridolfo, San Leo, Vigoleno and Verucchio remains. Where do you think you’ll spend the white night?


MOLO STREET PARADE (24 june – Rimini)

The riviera is no longer the same since Rimini decided to organize the most overwhelming event of the summer of Romagna, with more than 200 thousand people in the port area. The great fishing boats will turn for the night in disco halls, spreading music with enormous music boxes for passers-by. From 17.00 to 01.00 in the evening, you will choose between different genres of music, for all tastes! This year’s special guest of the event will be the queen of the Berlin-based techno, Ellen Allien, among the most followed of the world, and the gold record rapper of Senigallia Fabri Fibra, as well as the 80 deejay that will enliven the Rimini evening. All info to the official SITE

FESTA ARTUSIANA (24 june – 2 july Forlimpopoli)

The 21st edition of the Artusian Feast, which turns small Forlimpopoli into the capital of “the good food” every year to pay tribute to its most illustrious fellow-countryman, the gourmet Pellegrino Artusi, the undisputed father of modern Italian cuisine. In addition to the joys of the foodies world you can enjoy a rich program of shows, concerts, animations, exhibitions and cultural events that will stimulate the palate delighting your intellect, in the perfect combination of gastronomy, culture and entertainment. To learn more just one CLIC.

IL CINEMA RITROVATO (24 june – 2 July Bologna )

ph Gagarin magazine

This week, Bologna has started 9 days for all the cinema lovers of the city… the 31st edition of the Rediscovered Cinema begins! Imagine getting on a time machine and reviewing the history of cinema, discovering the films of different continents, from the beginning up to the years 2000. You will discover movies never seen before, feeling part of a large open-air museum for a A truly unique and unmissable review of works in their best copies, with new restorations and ideal projection conditions. Find out more about the event on the official SITE.

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