STD for honey lovers


STD for honey lovers

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Cervia will devote a whole week to the world of bees and honey, but also a pictures and art competition on the theme, special dinners at restaurants based on honey, market of natural products and much more.The beekeeper Cesare Brusi came up with this idea and honey extraction event and has been doing it for years along with some other colleagues. Together they are able to do the last phase of removing the honey from the honeycomb outdoors. It is amazing to watch: the light reflects off the yellow suits of the beekeepers as they explain everything you need to know about honey and they offer tastings of their products, too.

In the various editions of “smielatura” more than fifty kilograms of honey, just extracted, have been distributed for tasting, much to the joy of the participants!

Friday 23rd August
Piazzetta Pisacane
9.30 p.m. honey extraction previewSaturday 24th August
Viale Roma – Piazzale Pascoli
9.30 p.m. honey extraction

Friday 30th August
Piazzetta Pisacane
9.30 p.m. guided honey tasting

Saturday 31st August
Viale Roma – Piazzale Pascoli
9.30 p.m. honey extraction

For the whole week from 23rd to 31st August 
honey at breakfats in the bar of the centre, in some restaurants and honey tasting

Free entry
PS: at home you may want to try a recipe so thanks to Cristina Geri we suggest to prepare “Cantarelle”

The dish owes its name from “Cantareli” or “Cantarelle” (little songs), they are pieces of bakery which are never lacking at the feasts in Romagna (for example the “Festa Dè Borg”).
The “cantarelle” biscuits must be served hot and dusted with sugar or honey.

Ingredients: 500 g of water, 250 g of cornmeal, 250 g of white flour, 3 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil, 1 pinch of salt,
bicarbonate of soda, icing sugar for sprinkling.

For the dough: Pour the water, a pinch of salt and of bicarbonate, the oil and the cornmeal in a pan and, while stirring well to avoid
lumps, dust it with the white flour until you get a dense but rather fluid batter. With a small ladle pour the mixture in a warmed pan
and form small rounds of about 10 cm across, which will be browned on both sides. When cooking is complete, lay the rounds
on a serving plate and season them with extra-virgin olive oil and dust them with sugar.


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