Sapeur and Sigep 2017 – 3 itinerary to explore the Emilia Romagna’s tradition


Sapeur and Sigep 2017 – 3 itinerary to explore the Emilia Romagna’s tradition

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Sapeur and Sigep 2017 – 3 itinerary to explore the Emilia Romagna’s tradition

Every year Forlì hosts one of the most important wine and food exhibition in Emilia Romagna. All the Emilia Romagna’s Tourism friends are invited to join Sapeur – exhibition of the tipical high quality food, from the 27th to the 29th of January, the perfect way to taste food from 200 food and wine stands, coming from all the different Italian regions.

But how can we live without the ice- cream? Rimini helps us with Sigep the most important international event dedicated to ice- cream’s world. International contests, technical demos, seminars, conferences, and many exhibitors are all we need to improve our glycemic indicator in the sweetest way.

Between many events and interesting courses the ERT staff recommends you 3 different itinerary to explore the Emilia Romagna’s tradition during this January!


Do you like Romagna’s food? Can’t you resist the sound of the rolling pin crushing eggs and flour? Greta could be your Chef for a day at Sapeur 2017 and she is waiting for you to improve your cooking skills: like a perfect Emilia Romagna’s women you can learn to create pasta, like tortelli or cappelletti, following the original recipes, or if you want, a perfect “vegan style” example. What are you waiting for? Roll up one’s sleeves and start your leap into the Romagna’s tradition with a course of minimum three lessons (2 people minimum) created ad hoc for you in Forlì!

Friday 27 – Saturday 28 from 06:00 p.m to 07.30 p.m. For info and Reservation Tel. number: 054751153 mail:


marsh plants ravenna

If you want to explore the real Emilia Romagna’s tradition in a very intense and informed way you have to discover a more ecological meaning, devoted to the local native community.
The Ecomuseum of Marsh Plants proposes and interesting itinerary and a specific stand at Sapeur 2017 in Forlì: from the creation of an ethnic weaving, vases, sculpting wood into toys, to the use of the original looms, or many other heritage professions. Do you want to understand more of the local old culture? Visit the new location of the Ecomuseum of Marsh Plants in Villanova di Bagnacavallo, few kms from Ravenna.


sigep rimini 2017

Do you think that ice-cream could make you fat? Every day we learn that we have to do sports or physical activities for our health status, beside having good food. This year at Sigep 2017 in Rimini the master theme will be your shape, with a product rich of nutrients elements, and a higher protein and vitamin value. Ice-cream analyzed from a different point of view: form the ingredients’ choice to a more careful work process! All the ice-cream events here, with only a click.

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