The romantic hamlets in Emilia-Romagna


The romantic hamlets in Emilia-Romagna

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No ideas for St Valentine’s Day? Do you need the right last minute proposal to celebrate the authentic love?
No problem the Emilia-Romagna Tourism staff will help you with some interesting romantic hamlets all over the Via Emilia. You’ll go through the little stone streets, where the old smell is still living, with your love hand to hand, probably with a good glass of wine, illuminated by the old oil lamps. And if you need more emotions you can visit one of the beautiful fortress and castles that always overlooks the Italian hamlets, where for the occasion you can find parties and love festivals!


Verucchio @isieasydoh

This authentic hamlets in Rimini, few km from the Adria Coast, will give you the perfect location for a really romantic St Valentine’s Day with your love. The Malatesta Fortress, called also the Rock fortress for its position on a rock peak, will offer you a great Emilia-Romagna’s landscape giving you the occasion for a romantic kiss. Verucchio offers also many restaurants and wine bars to join the tasty regional food and wines, so what are you waiting for? Take your car and find this nice hamlet!



Pic by Carlo Grifone

The Lovers Hamlet is waiting for you and your love: between the narrow streets, the bell towers and the medieval architectural marvels you will live a very rich program all dedicated to love, with wine degustations, visits to the citadel and the Visconti’s Fortress, and many other interesting things!



La Via del Borgo, also known as via degli Asini [Photo taken by @yesflyzone, via Instagram]

The interesting Romagna’s hamlet, considered one of the most beautiful all over Italy, needs to be added to our hamlets festival. Have you ever walked into the Via del Borgo or Donkeys Alley? If you give me a negative answer you’ll need to remedy and walk it with your partner. This is a unique walkway, perched high above the street level, in 14th century the oldest defensive walkway, and then the walkway to transport the gypsum from the Monticino caves thanks to many nice donkeys. Very suggestive and romantic, this way will create the perfect atmosphere for you St Valentine’s Day!


Wiki Loves Monuments

Dozza –
Pic by Mariella Fornero

Few kms from Bologna you can find one of the most interesting hamlets in Emilia-Romagna. Narrow streets, beautiful modern art, colored and painted walls, other than the nature of the Region will create a really romantic atmosphere that will make you feel that the love is in the air! You can also visit the Rocca Sforzesca and the Regional Winehouse.


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