[Emilia-Romagna Villages] Premilcuore, Romagna’s nature and history


[Emilia-Romagna Villages] Premilcuore, Romagna’s nature and history

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The rapid drone takes us this week to Romagna to discover a beautiful village of Romagna-Tuscany: in the upper valley of the Rabbi River, only 50km from Forlì, stands on the northwestern slopes of Mount Arsiccio, the small Premilcuore. Overlooking its rock, the village shows its medieval origins, with its ancient palaces and the art of the period, but it is in the green of nature and in the blue of its waters that the bouquet finds its greatest beauty. In fact, there are several natural walks that lead us to the Park of Casentinesi Forests. Premilcuore is also counted among the orange flag villages thanks to its efficient tourist information service, welcoming and well-stocked, and the historic center of the homogeneous, harmonious and characteristic resort, nestled in a naturalistic setting of great value.


Legend tells that was a Roman centurion to found the Romagna citizen, fleeing from Emperor Caracalla, because he was held responsible for a riot at his damages. Here the Roman exiles devoted themselves to agriculture and sheep farming, soon succeeding in expanding the borders of the oldest village, thus giving way to the community that still lives in this area of ​​Forlì.

From the history of the village we know that from the early 200’s it was controlled by the Guidi family, counts of Modigliana, until 1300 when I went under the control of the Church, which gave it to Amerigo Manfredi da Marradi. This was defeated by Florentines in 1375, although the brief bracket under Catherine Sforza’s control, and kept until 1923 when it was annexed to the territory of the Forlivese.

To see

the mill

There are several attractions in the area: the “green” side of Premilcuore certainly has several jewels. The park of Casentinese forests, as mentioned above, allows us to live the best in the open air. The Urlante Cave, as well as the Sega Waterfall, can be enjoyed in a perfect blend of greenery with the blue waters of the river.

Premilcuore also houses the Museo della Fauna del Crinale Romagnolo, and in the city center it is also possible to admire the clock tower and Palazzo Giannelli, elements of a well-kept old town.

Interesting are also the Bridges of Premilcuore: the Nuovo Bridge or the Gorgolaio Bridge.

To do

grotta urlante

Summer: surely a way to defeat the heat is to jump at the springs of the Urlante Cave, maybe after a while of healthy hiking!

Autumn: with the fallen leaves you can visit the suggestive Mengozzi mill which can be reached in Fiumicello after a short walk. Refurbished for the public, it will show you the activity of grinding mills inside it, driven by water activity, really impressive!

Winter: an interesting place in Premilcuore is without doubt its Museo della Fauna del Crinale Romagnolo where you can disclose the “wardrobes of the senses and sounds”, which brings the visitor, through the senses, to the life of the forest! Wolf, deer, day and night birds are just some of the animals that you can encounter in the woods.

Spring: nature is certainly interesting in every season, but spring in the National Park of Foreste Casentinesi will make you love the more open air and trekking, immersed in a flora and fauna to be immortalized.


Summer: in the first week of August every year the appointment with the boar of Premilcuore is renewed. Among the gastronomic booths and typical cuisine you can enjoy the boar in all its tasty versions.

Autumn: on November 12, the village celebrates its patron saint with the traditional fair of San Martino, an event for everyone with fun and food.

Spring: May 24th is celebrated on the occasion of the World War I event of the Festa dell’oratorio del Mogio when soldiers’ women, mothers and sisters came to pray for their loved ones hoping for their return. If they had come back they would celebrate for ever that date.

To see the full calendar of events just click.

Food and Wine


The gourmands will certainly not be dissatisfied with a nice trip to Premilcuore: many wines, cheeses and slices that can be enjoyed in local restaurants, as well as interesting recipes born from the Emilia-Romagna tradition, married in this area with the Tuscan one. An example are the burriche, sweet or salty ravioli, a plate of Jewish origin that came into antiquity in Emilia-Romagna and reinterpreted in Italian.  Find out all the other recipes in the area.

Path and pilgrim ways

Premilcuore is crossed by the Assisi Way, representing the starting point for the third stage in the territory of Romagna, and then overcoming in Tuscany. The Romagna’s trail is about 72km over a total of over 290km. The route starts from Dovadola, with the sanctuary of San Antonio immersed in nature, just to walk through the steps of inner search, by refreshing the essence of San Francesco’s doctrine in silence and In the contemplation of the green. An experience really advisable in half-seasons.

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