[Emilia-Romagna Villages] Predappio and the heritage of Rationalism


[Emilia-Romagna Villages] Predappio and the heritage of Rationalism

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For the weekly date dedicated to the Emilia-Romagna’s Villages this week we are going to explore Predappio, a little village in Romagna 15 kms from Forlì, famous to be the birth place of Benito Mussolini, the Italian dictator of the last century.

Predappio is considered an Authentic Village of Italy, association that wants to promote the hidden places of the peninsula, made of little realities that are growing up giving a value to their own activities and population. Predappio has a really interesting historical value, and every year is visited by thousands of Italian and international tourists, who wants to revive the origins of the historical moments that changed forever the world.

To know

The Romagna’s village is geological dated to Miocene and Pliocene, but historically created during the Ancient Roman age when it was only a little settlement. The Appi family, that August the emperor placed here to govern the region, created here the Presidium Domini Appi, that we can reduce to Predappio. From its creation to the Medieval period, the evolution of the village was linear, remains little, and growing around a castle, which defended the territory.

We are during the 20’s when Benito Mussolini, born in Dovia, 2 kms from Predappio along the valley, decided to create in its birth place new city center, helped by the simultaneous landslide that destroyed many houses in Predappio. The new center called “new” Predappio, is what now we call only Predappio, and the oldest center is now called High Predappio (cause in on the mountains with the castle).

To see

We can split the architectural evidences in two different groups: a Medieval one and a Fascist one. The first group has many castles and fortress in these places, build for the strategic hills of the area, that helped to defend from enemies.

A good example could be the High Predappio castle, which was essential during the middle age, first defense and heart of the village, placed on a rock called “Pudinga”. At the feet of the castle we can find the ancient wash house and many characteristic little streets with an old taste. The second historical period was the fascist one. When we come to predappio the first palace we can see is the Casa del Fascio e dell’ospitalità.

Build with bricks and roman travertine, it’s high and it has a strong tower with a giant bell similar to the anchina medieval towers. The same architectural style could be found in other palaces like Edificio postelegrafonico, Casa dei sanitariCaserma dei carabinieri, and the Mercato dei viveri and Palazzo Varano, which is placed on a little hill in the city center and surrounded by a beautiful park.

Another touristic stages is the birth house of Benito Mussolini in Varano Costa street. The bricks house, restructured and open to public, is used for historical exhibitions. From life to death, Mussolini’s grave represents one of the touristic stages of the village, where nostalgics and cultists come every year from all over the world.

To do

In winter: the nice green hills are perfect in winter with their white blanket, and the same is for forests, where you can go trekking with friends. After all why don’t you relax in a good wine bar?
In spring: Predappio in this period has many interesting festivals dedicated to food and wine but if you love open air and bycicle you can fin many interesting way to enjoy you passion. Here a nice track.
In summer: high temperature are intolerable? You nerd to submerge your feet in Rabbi river, reading a good book, fishing, and enjoying the sound and smells of Romagna’s countryside.
In autumn: many events but many horse tracks too. Following the forests you could find truffles and mushrooms.


In WINTER: visit the traditional and unique Nativity scene in the Solfatara Caves, open from 25 December to 31 January.
In SPRING: Tate the Boar festival (3rd weekend of May); and for motor lovers Mototagliatella, bikers meeting and good food event (second Sunday of May).
In SUMMER: feel the Notte Bianca, merchant festival with attraction and shows every last Friday of June
In AUTUMN: taste the good wine of Romagna with: “I tre giorni del sangiovese”, to celebrate the Sangiovese wine, and then “Festa della Mostatura”, at the end of September, with food and wine stands, followed by the traditional “Festa dei Vignaioli” in Predappio Alta.

Food and wine

Romagna has a real interesting food and wine tradition: from the homemade pasta to the good red win of the territory! Predappio has a real good wine’s background, and its strong taste Sangiovese, could be enjoyed in one of the wine bars and taverns of the area. Many wine’s producers works on this earth and green hills, exporting their good nectar all over the world. If you are looking for some good recipe of the tradition you can clic here.

Monumental trees

Quercia Predappio Montemaggiore of Via Berleta with its 22 m and a circumference of 580 cm is the real “green jewel” of Predappio

Famous characters

The little village is the birth place of many famous Italian characters of the last century: from the cyclist Marino Amadori, to artist intellectual like Andrea Emiliani, the musician Ivano Nicolucci and the painter Benito Partisani. Italian politician like Vittorio Emiliani and Pino Romualdi. But the main character of this place is probably Benito Mussolini, journalist, politician and Italian dictator of the last century.

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