Pork is trendy


Pork is trendy

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According to The Independent (last Tuesday edition) “Pork is becoming the meat of choice for Britain’s cash-strapped households, after big jumps in beef and lamb prices over the past year.”

In Emilia Romagna we could say that pigs are considered almost like part of the population and the latest official figures show that the number of pigs reared in Emilia Romagna region is 1.283.280!
There are a lot of events celebrating the products coming from this generous animal, for example Saint Apollonia and Saint Valentine Fair in Bellaria Igea Marina (Rimini)

To commemorate the patron saint of Bellaria Igea Marina, Saint Apollonia of Alessandria, there will be traditional and typical celebrations along with events, markets, food, exchange markets and exhibitions which will continue until the end of the following week and they will be all dedicated to lovers, with a poetry competition and a themed menu in the restaurants in the city. There will be entertainment, dedicated restaurant menus and special events also for Valentine’s Day.On February 4, 5, 9, 11 and 12 there will be events dedicated to the traditional Mora Romagnola pork with butchery demonstrations, food stands and the sale of local products.On February 9, in the afternoon there will be the final event of “Bell Aria di Swing” with the Meldola Jazz Band and in the evening the guest will be Cesare Malfatti.

Entry is for free, more info iat@comune.bellaria-igea-marina.rn.it

Meanwhile a recipe:
Pork roast with milk and scallion sauce Pork roast with milk and shallot sauce

Ingredients: 400 g of Romagna shallot, extra virgin olive oil, 50 g of white vinegar, 50 g of dry white wine, 2 bay leaves, 5-6 peppercorns, 1 kg of “mora romagnola” pork for roasting, carrots, celery, and scallions for the sauce, salt.

Preparation: clean the shallot and cut it up into thin pieces. Brown it in a tiny bit of extra virgin oil until it becomes transparent, then add the vinegar, wine, bay leaves and peppercorns. Add a pinch of salt. Continue to cook over low heat, adding spoonfuls of cold water as needed, until the shallot becomes creamy and the liquid has all evaporated. In the meantime, fry the carrot, celery and shallot diced up in some olive oil. Use a large and deep enough pan to hold the roast. When the mixture gets golden brown, place the roast in it, add salt and pepper, and cover everything in milk and let it cook for about an hour on medium heat and covered. To finish it off, increase the heat, remove the cover and let the milk thicken. Let the roast cool and then slice it and then drizzle the sauce over it. Serve it hot, along with the shallot sauce after having removed the peppercorns and bay leaves.

You can serve with Sangiovese di Romagna Superiore DOC wine


PS: You can find delicious cured meat of Mora Romagnola in London at Borough Market


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