The 2016 World’s Best Restaurant is in Emilia-Romagna!


The 2016 World’s Best Restaurant is in Emilia-Romagna!

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“Twelve tables in the heart of Modena tell a story of tradition in evolution”

The whole Emilia-Romagna, and the whole Italy too, in the last two days are talking about a wonderful news that deserves to be celebrated fully: Osteria Francescana by Chef Massimo Bottura is the 2016 World’s Best Restaurant!

“After two years in the No.2 spot, Massimo Bottura’s tranquil restaurant in a Modena back street rightly steps up to take the global crown” says,”reflecting the chef’s ongoing creativity, immense skill” and fierce determination in defying criticisms, sometimes even arrived from a food-conservative part of Italy.

Now, voted by a panel of almost 1.000 gastronomic experts worldwide, Massimo Bottura can celebrate this important recognition:

Osteria Francescana offers to its guests a full a la carte menu or the choice of two tasting menus: “Tradition in evolution” (180 + 120 Euros) & “Sensations” (200 + 150 Euros).

Even if not everyone can afford to celebrate Massimo Bottura and his young cooking team with a dinner in the 1st Restaurant in the World, everyone will have the chance to meet him just this weekend in Rimini, where the Chef will inaugurate a new edition of Al Meni, the Circus of Flavours dedicated to quality food “made from heart and hands”. Check out the program of this 2-days tasty festival.


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