Notte Rosa 2017: all the events in Emilia-Romagna


Notte Rosa 2017: all the events in Emilia-Romagna

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We are waiting for the usual appointment with the most loaded summer event in Emilia-Romagna… La notte Rosa – the Pink Night! The summer New Year’s Eve of the Riviera brings with it a rich list of events and concerts between the different places along the Adriatic coast, to make you spend evenings in the company of friends and relatives. Bring with you the cheerfulness because we’ll give you all the rest!

The Emilia-Romagna Tourism staff presents you the Pink Night 2017, with an accurate selection of events between Friday 7 and Saturday, July 8.

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The beautiful Rimini looks like every year full of “gifts” for all lovers of the rose color: from Bellaria to Misano, passing through Riccione and without forgetting the three peaks of San Marino, you can feel the riviera between true entertainment and fun. If you are a music lover, you will not be able to escape a really tempting occasion: Friday, July 7, Fellini Square hosts the Litfiba, a historic band born in the streets of Florence, which will give the evening that rock sound that we love since the ’80s!

On Saturday the Miramare beach awaits you to raise the sky to the pink kites, with shapes and stunts never seen before. A clown who will surely leave the little ones open, and will also provide room for workshops and meetings, in honor of the passion that every year brings more and more visitors to the Riviera with different events between spring and summer.

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Fun is not synonymous with high-volume music and loud laughter: the high cultural standards of the city of Ravenna bring us this year to revive the ancient tragedy of Euripides with the mythical clash between Polifemo and Ulysses. On Friday July 7th and Saturday 8th you will discover how the hero of the myth managed to defeat the Cyclope in the location of the old port of Classe. A perfect blend of culture and fun, from the conjunction of the Arts of the Pink Night and the Ravenna Festival.

On Saturday evening, Marina di Ravenna will host one of the concert stages of Paola Turci, guest of the Marina Love Parade, the event organized by the Marina Flower association in collaboration with the Municipality of Ravenna. In addition to the singer, dj Matteo Manzoni and the 23rd, after the concert, the DJ set accompanied by the animation of Muccassassina, all enjoying the delights of street food. Do we have to add more?

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This year the music capital of the Riviera is just Cesenatico with an unforgettable evening on Friday July 7 in Piazza Andrea Costa along with friends of Radio Bruno. Alessia Ventura will lead the show in the company of Enzo Ferrari bringing on stage the greats of Italian music: Francesco Renga, Nina Zilli, Ermal Meta, Alessio Bernabei, Lele and Michele Bravi are ready to tell you in cash shots and microphone what does not mean Pink Night In Emilia-Romagna!

If you want to go on Saturday July 8th in the 70s and 80s, do not miss the Giardini Don Guanella of Gatteo Mare  the Ricchi e Poveri will let you relive their hits that have danced several generations, today as yesterday, thrilling and having fun.

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The pink night in Ferrara this year is a truly unforgettable calendar of events: we start from Friday night when we will perform the musical genius of Samuele Bersani in Lido Delle Nazioni! A concert in honor of the 25-year career of the artist, among the tracks of the last album and the notes of the past that made us so much in the early 2000s. Are you ready to sing Giudizi Universali with all your breath?

If you lose your voice Friday do not worry because Saturday night you dance with rock and roll by Mattew Lee. The 88-key phenomenon (a 88-key piano) will also be able to move the more “woody” spirits with a concert to envy the great masters of the genre.

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