Primavera Slow 2017: 14 weeks of events dedicated to Nature


Primavera Slow 2017: 14 weeks of events dedicated to Nature

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Rivers that embrace the Adriatic Sea, valleys and basins of freshwater and salted water, woods and pinewoods are the quintessential elements of the Po Delta, a marvellous example of biodiversity, whose beating heart is water. Here, where the line between land and sky is blurred, it’s easy to bump into natural treasures, capable of leaving you in awe like no other, so unique as to be declared World Heritage Sites in 1999.

Pinewood of San Vitale | Ravenna

Two parks are in charge for preserving this incredible natural area, that stretches over 66.000 hectares – can you even imagine it? – and that contains a wealth of incomparable natural landscapes. On the one side, on the northern bank of the river, the Po Delta Natural Park of the region Veneto; while on the other side, on the opposite bank of the river, the Po Delta Natural Park of region Emilia-Romagna. It’s a conventional border I’m talking about, because you will not find any physical borders stopping you walks in this natural reserve.

Over 300 species of birds chose this land as their own habitat or reproductive site, thus making the Delta an appealing area for birdwatchers. Specific itineraries, equipped areas and observation towers contribute to the promotion of the land and its inhabitants, at the same respecting the fragility and uniqueness of the ecosystem. And there’s much more than that behind it: a visit to the Regional Park will give you the opportunity to create and experience a direct contact with nature, local traditions and local produce, far away fro urban centres, in a land that has remained isolated thanks to its particular natural isolation.

The best period to visit the park is in early spring, when the winter “pause” is over and nature starts taking back its strength. In that very moment the Po Delta Park is at its best, and for some years it has been promoting an event for the lovers of open-air activities.

That’s why if you love nature and outdoor excursions you shouldn’t miss the initiative Primavera Slow, an event taking place from 18th March to 25th June. You’ll be pleased with its wide variety of excursions on foot, by bike and on boat, horse-riding sessions, didactic workshops, guided tours, sport events, food&wine tours and a lot more.

That’s the perfect occasion to discover the six nature and landscape centres of Po Delta Park in Emilia-Romagna, and at the same time a unique chance to taste the flavours and smell the scents typical of the area – villages from Rosolina to Goro, from Mesola to Comacchio, From Ravenna to Cervia, and then the hinterland in the Argenta valleys, on the oasis of Bando and Vallette di Ostellato, and finally the territories of the province of Ravenna, the so-called Bassa Romagna.

This event is aimed not only at promoting the natural excellences of the Park, but also at enhancing the appeal of culture that is embodied by this land. The itineraries are structured in a way that will allow visitors to discover nature and the numerous species of birds, plants and the variety of animals that inhabit the park, but also to enjoy the beauty of historical mansions, monuments and churches. Add to the list the possibility for birdwatchers to observe and take pictures of the many species of local birds; food&wine tours for those interested in local products and good food; didactic workshops for youngsters and kids in order to enhance their approach towards the flora and fauna of Po Delta Park in an entertaining and educational way.

As you can see, there’s plenty of options, you’ll be spoilt for choice. To help you sort it out, here are a couple of recommendations: you can take a tour on boat along the Maistra Po and Golena Ca’ Pisani crossing a wild and untouched natural environment, or go ride your bike along the bank of Goro Po and then finish the trip on boat until the river’s delta. One more option, you can visit the wood of Bosco della Mesola – don’t forget the Sacca di Goro, recommended means of transport to discover the mouth of the river is the motor vessel – with a stop at abbey Abbazia di Pomposa. You could also reach Comacchio for a lush tour by bike in nature, to enjoy the view of pink flamingos, and to go canoeing in the valleys accompanied by professional guides.

The valleys of Comacchio | Ferrara

Going southern, direction Ravenna, another must is an excursion on electric boat in the wet oasis Ortazzo and Ortazzino, privileged observation point to enjoy the wealth of flora and fauna that characterises the Bevano area. The wood of Punte Alberete features walking paths, like the bank of River Reno does. Last but not least, the archaeological site of Classe and the city of Ravenna with its mosaics is definitely worth a visit. Dulcis in fundo, a romantic walk at twilight at the salt mines of Cervia.


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