Music at the Castle


Music at the Castle

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Fresh breeze, great music and amazin venues, this is the summer “cocktail” that the area around Parma, Reggio Emilia and Piacenza will offer to visitors.
The fortresses, royal palaces, fortifications and manor houses in the province of Parma are unanimously considered to be some of the most beautiful and best preserved in Italy.

And inside these historical venues the 25th edition of “Musica in castello” will take place. Extraordinary singers, great artists, prestigious orchestras, poets, word equilibrists, masters of irony and nonsense, and even the great director Pupi Avati for all those who will open the doors of the Maestro Verdi’s lands.

Here the complete program;
more info:

And  why not to treat you with a nightsleep in a real castle? For example in Compiano, that was built before 1000ac but will offer you all the modern facilities?

…or at Malaspina di Gambaro lost in the green hills of Piacenza?
This could be a real treat for a relaxing pause and a way to escape the stuffiness of these days.
All info in the official web site of Castelli del Ducato di Parma e Piacenza.


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