Lom a Merz: propitiatory Romagna’s fires


Lom a Merz: propitiatory Romagna’s fires

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The hypocritical world does not give importance on gastronomy; but then there’s not celebration, civil or religious, which do not give importance to the tablecloth and best food
Pellegrino Artusi

Rite of the ancient Romagna’s countryside, at least until the last century, the “Lom a Merz” (literally March Lights) are a collection of events that every year enliven the Municipalities of the Romagna plain; maybe the unique opportunity to fully penetrated the ancient Italian peasant cultures, which flow underground the new millennium.

Originally organized to ward off bad luck these propitiatory fires, the “Lights of March” were the gastronomic events where population of the small centers of Romagna countryside gathered together to singing and eating in front Fugarèn (“Fires” in the Romagna dialect), fires that marked the end of harsh winter and the next coming of Spring. A tradition still respected until today, when the “Lom a Merz” have become an occasion to reunite the local community during the evenings of the first days of March, tasting the most classic recipes of Romagna.

lom a merz

From February 26 to March 3th, when the sun goes down after the sunset, about 50 barnyards and country houses in the territories of Ravenna, Forlì, Ferrara and Bologna will then turn on the warm fires organizing around them initiatives and meetings on traditional food and the ancient farming.

A local cuisine that will make this year’s tribute to Pellegrino Artusi, the first Italian “gastronaut” who have summed up in his “Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well“, the essential characters of Italian cuisine.
On the tables, stands and local restaurants you will find then cappelletti, passatelli, flat bread, ciambelle, and the zuppa inglese (a traditional dessert of this areas) along with all the paraphernalia that this local cuisine it is able to create.
Because we are talking about a land that still love typical and healthy food and which still have an intimate relationship with its land, one of the few Italian areas where it is possibile the meet the ancient traditions, such as the Lom to Merz.


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