Let there be rock: best live concerts of 2017 in Emilia Romagna


Let there be rock: best live concerts of 2017 in Emilia Romagna

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About 50 events and live concerts spread throughout the first half of 2017, including beach parties, international bands and a lots of music, from Rock to the Italian songwriters.

What are the best music concerts of 2017 in Emilia Romagna? Today we tried to collect them all in a single post, which we want to leave open to your signals, and knowing that many world Bands still have not confirmed their italian dates.

Talking about the events we wrote just below, what really we recommend you is to take a look to the Italian music magazines and check through it the complete schedule, since what matters is the rich and widespread  calendar that daily runs into the local clubs: from the jam sessions to the club culture and the music proposal of historical pubs that often hosts small live band where young musicians propose their LIVE art.


The month of February will see as protagonists historical clubs of Emilia Romagna focusing on the city of Bologna with four concerts on the 5 we suggest. In the first weekend of February Arisa and the Marlene Kuntz will hosted in Bologna city, while the 4th Marra and Gué, an hiphop duo, will perform in the historic location of Vox in Nonantola.
We recommend you also the live performance of Brunori SAS in Bologna, a south italian singer that worth to be listened.



If you are not interest to the Alvaro Soler concert in Nonantola, which is now sold out, you can take a look to the Giorgia, Carmen Consoli and Samuele Bersani concerts in Bologna, they are three of the most famous italian songwriters.
Vinicio Capossela instead  will perform in Reggio Emilia and Bologna, just as Mario Biondi who decided to stop few days visiting Parma and Bologna. Rounding out the list of artists the Baustelle bands in march and the songwriter Mannarino.



the famous Ligabue who is born in Reggio Emilia, will perform in Emilia Romagna with two dates, Bologna and Rimini, just as Giorgia who has chosen the Riviera’s city for the his second date in the Region.
Simple Minds‘s fans have to hurry up for their Bolognese date of April 25 that still see very few tickets for sale.
Nek will be in Bologna the 29th, meanwhile the traditional Italian singer Fiorella Mannoia will be in the same day in Reggio Emilia.



The month of may will see the performance live of one the most famous rock band all around the world: the Kiss.
Tickets are still available for the most colorful live concert of the year, just as are still available tickets for Enrique Iglesias, Francesco Renga and Il Volo, all scheduled at the Unipol Arena in Casalecchio, Bologna.



Let the rock music flows in you! The June 10 Imola Circuit will host the historical stage of Guns N Roses reunion. The most “lucky” of you, could find in selling the VIP tickets (about 1000 euro)!
Turning to other dates, in the month of June a bunch of POP Star will perform in Emilia Romagna : we will have Bruno Mars, June 12th Bologna, Tiziano Ferro, June 24 at Dall’Ara Stadium – Bologna, the expected live concert of the Deep Purple and Depeche Mode, whose tickets are still available.



July will be the month dedicated to Vasco Rossi, one of the most famous and beloved songwriters of Emilia Romagna and Italy, with the great live performance scheduled at  the Modena Park. Tickets will be available from January 27 on the dedicated web site.



They return the concerts by the sea, but this time forget the romance and the quiet evenings under the stars.
The 14 and August 15 the city of Bellaria Igea Marina will host the Bay Fest 2017 where a punk jam will invade the beach: Bad Religion, Rise Against and Anti-Flag are the names already announced, but you can bet that the organizers will have much than a surprise from here to summer.

We suggest you to keep an eye on what happens in Marina di Ravenna, a summer resorts which offers a great summer music calendar, just as the historical clubs in Riccione, Rimini, Milano Marittima, Cervia, Cesenatico and all the other cities of the Adriatic Coast.


We close this long list of events with the month of November which has seen the confirmation of the date by Bryan Adams in Rimini. Will be indeed the Adriatic town one of six Italian dates of the Canadian singer-songwriter.


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