Largest bamboo labyrinth in the world is in Parma


Largest bamboo labyrinth in the world is in Parma

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Feeling to be in the middle of a tale?  You can start with Tale of Tales by the Italian director Garrone and if it happens you are around Parma, always along the ViaEmilia,  the “labirinto della Masone” is what you are looking for.

It is the largest labyrinth in existence, entirely made up of bamboo plants (about 200,000 altogether), whose height ranges from 30 cm up to 15 metres. The path is more than 3 km long. It is a path to venture down and get lost in, in which to let your mind wander and reflect.

Temporary exhibitions are hosted and a Library and cafeteria are available.

labirinto masone

Open Wednesday to Monday, 10.30am to 7.00pm. Closed on Tuesday.

Let us report the author’s aim:

“Labyrinths have always fascinated me. Along with gardens, they are among humanity’s most ancient inventions. (…) As you know, when Minos had his Labyrinth built –as a prison– he had dark and cruel intentions in mind; I imagined a benevolent version, that would also be a garden, where people could walk in safety, perhaps getting lost every once in a while.”
Franco Maria Ricci

Besides visiting Parma, a city of great historical and cultural tradition, the Labyrinth can be an excellent starting point for a visit to the many hamlets nestling in the Po Valley. For instance, the Castles of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza, which feature some priceless works, or the Fortress of Fontanellato with its marvelous Parmigianino room, or Torrechiara, a splendid example of a fifteenth-century military fortress.

There is also the Fortress of Soragna and the Fortress of the Rossi di San Secondo. Also located in the area is Fidenza Cathderal, Busseto, the birthplace of Giuseppe Verdi, whose music continues to resound in theatres around the world.


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