International food street festival in Cesena


International food street festival in Cesena

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You may already know that in Emilia Romagna every occasion is right to celebrate food and gastronomy but this event, taking place in the historical city centre of Cesena from the 5th to the 7th of October has something, let’s say, anthropological!

The most important “invention” the world owes to the Mediterranean culture is the city, intended as an almost magical whole of fullness and emptiness, as a living organism made fom the buildings that form it, of the streets and the squares that shape it, of the markets that enliven it, and of the people that give it meaning with their activities, their traffic, their need to meet and communicate.

With the idea of the city, another one came to life: the idea of street food, which — served at the characteristic kiosks or offered by peddlers — represents the most ancient and most authentic form of a restaurant.

Simple to prepare, firmly rooted in the agricultural tradition of its territory, street food is probably the most “honest” of all food offerings, the one less subject to passing fashions, the one that, most of all, allows you to understand the history (not just food history) of a city.

Few examples of what you can find of the international cuisine:

Russia – Shashlik, bliny, plov.
Romania – Mici cu mustar, snitel cu salata de varza alba rosie, carpati
Kurdistan (Iraq) – Doner kebap, falafel, briyani, kirkuk kebap
Venezuela – Arepas.
Mexico – Tacos, Burritos, Enchiladas, Fajita,Guacamole.
Perù – Tamales de chancho, papas à la huancayna, anticuchos, arroz chaufa, tarta de cocoa.
Argentina – Empanadas, choripan, churrasco.
India – pakora, biriani, samosa, chay masala, gulabjamun
Morocco – cous cous, brik, shai bi naanaa, msmen.
Greece (Atene) – souvlaky e gyros pita.
Provence (Arles – Séte) – tielle setoise, riz de Camargue à la Provençale, rouille à la Sétoise.

And of course all the Italian and local delicacies.

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