Holocaust Remembrance Day along the Via Emilia


Holocaust Remembrance Day along the Via Emilia

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In Italy and in the rest of Europe the 27th of January is the Holocaust Remembrance Day, in memory of the same day, when in 1945, the Red Army entered in Auschwitz, showing to all the World the brutality of the Jewish genocide operated by the Nazi army.
In Italy there are many placed dedicated to the memory of all the victims, and in Emilia Romagna along the Via Emilia many events are organized for the Remembrance Day.
The Emilia Romagna Tourism staff recommends you many cultural initiatives in Bologna, Ravenna, Parma and Modena.


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Between so many initiatives in Bologna, in many focal points of the city, during the Holocaust Remembrance Day you can join many theatre and cinema shows:
Testoni Ragazzi theatre propose “Quando diventerò bambino” (When I’ll become a child), dedicated to Janusz Korczak, who created during the 20’s the orphanage in Varsavia dedicating all his life to children and their care. In 1942 the orphans all died in Treblinka, a Nazi death camp. This show recounts the history of this children from the ghetto’s life to their death.
In Bologna there will be also an interesting exhibition dedicated to  remembrance,  “La seconda generazione” (The second generation), with the Michael Kichka’s black ‘n white illustrations, that shows the point of view and the stories of the death camp prisoners’ sons. From the 22 January – 8 March 2017 free entrance in the new Jewish Museum:

MEB – Museo Ebraico di Bologna

via Valdonica 1/5
40126 Bologna
Tel. +39 051.2911280
Fax +39 051.235430
email: info@museoebraicobo.it



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During the afternoon in Modena you can enjoy “Hans” an interesting show in Storchi theatre based on the novel “Reunion” by Fred Uhlman. This is the story of a friendship during the 30’s, ended for the protagonist’s escape in the States for the Jewish persecution operated by Nazis.
In the Truffaut Sala (Via degli Adelardi, 4, Modena 41121 – MO) will be shown “Austerlitz” by Sergei Loznitsa, an interesting film in which are commemoration sites are the real protagonists. All the curiosities and the magnetism of these places will be tried to be explained. At the end of the film will be possible to meet the director also.


Ravenna has an interesting program for the Holocaust Remembrance Day: the Alighieri Theatre shows “Il diario di Anna Frank” the transpositions of the famous “The Diary of a young girl”, who died in Bergen Belsen in 1945.
During the afternoon you can also enjoy the art exhibition “La valigia dei disegni” (The pictures’ bag) in Rasponi Palace, dedicated to Terezin children with the musics of the Guido Novello school’s orchestra and chorus and the reading of dedicated texts.


from “L’Istruttoria”  Teatro Due di Parma

Palazzo Pigorini in Parma has an interesting exhibition “Robert Capa in Italia” with 78 black’n white pics of the Second World War. On the 29th of January you can join  “Il canto delle Sapienze” in Casa della musica where there will be many concerts with the collaboration of the jewish community. During the same day in Teatro Due (Viale Francesco Basetti, 12/a, 43121 Parma PR) takes place “L’Istruttoria”, from the novel by Peter Weiss, condemnation act to the Nazis action after Auschwitz liberation.

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