Festival and events in Emilia-Romagna during February


Festival and events in Emilia-Romagna during February

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During all the year in Emilia Romagna we have many moments to enjoy ourself with good food, vine and all the ingredients of a good festival! This is the occasion to explore new places, forgotten hamlets, or simply regional locations that we have never visited. Festival in Italy are called “sagra” from the Italian “sacra” that we can translate to holy, and the reason is very easy: many festivals are dedicated to Saints, and have very ancient religious origins, so that they were celebrated into temples or churches. Today they are a good occasion to have good food, visiting little places far away from big cities and their frenetical rhythms, where the traditions are still alive. Let’s start this February review:

Sant’Apollonia una fiera d’amare – Bellaria Igea Marina 04-12 Feb 


Saint Apollonia was a Christian martyr who dedicated her life to poors, but was killed during an anti-christians rebellion in Alexandria between 249 and 250. The story tells that her teeth were removed with  pincers adn is for this reason that in S. Margherita di Bellaria Monte e “Sacro Cuore”,  beautiful ancient churches in Bellaria, she was painted with that tool in her hands. She is the protector of Bellaria Igea Marina, nice villages near Rimini, and for this reason there is a festival dedicated to her in February. Between good food, vine, and many stands with a great fun fair you can have a nice day with friends or family on the Adria Coast!

Gran festa del bollito a Fontanellato (PR)  03-05 February

foto da Gazzetta di Parma

Parma has a really interesting meat tradition and for this reason tourists, gourmands and al the people who combine cooking and culture will come to the ancient ways of Fontanellato for The great festival of boiled meat. Cappelletti full of stracotto, beef  slivers with sweet and sour onions and spicy mustard, and all the other meat products, like regional cold cuts, are waiting for you for a really great festival!

Madonna del Fuoco di Forlì 04 February

Forlì has a really strange patron called Madonna of the fire. The reason is that in 1428 the house of the citadel master burned and the only thing that escaped from the fire was a picture of the Jesus mother. This miracle is commemorated today with little red candles, lighted outside the windows of the houses during the 04th February night. Forlì’s streets will be full of stands where you’ll try the typical festival food: a sweet bread full of raisin and aniseed. Curious?

Il maccherone in festa tra Ponticelli di Imola (BO) – 14 Feb e Borgo Tossignano (BO) – 26 Feb

imola borgo tossignano sagra polenta e maccheroni

Bologna doubles its appointment with maccheroni and ragù (the typical Bologna’s meat sauce) on two different dates in February. The local women will produce delicious handmade maccheroni and the typical sauce for them, and the yummy fragrance will flood Imola’s streets. You will enjoy also the floats parade other than stands and another interesting food: polenta (cornmeal mush) with sausages and cheese, served on the beautiful dishes of the regional ceramic cooperative of Imola.



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