Emilia Romagna Slow: the Way of the Gods


Emilia Romagna Slow: the Way of the Gods

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A slowly journey of 120 Kilometers on an age-old route and with a spectacular start: 4 km, from Bologna to Monte Adone under the longest portico of the World

It is called Way of the Gods and boasts a millenary history. In ancient times it was part of the Etruscan road network and it was used mainly to link the Tuscan cities to the Po Valley, with the function of commercial exchanges and the Etruscan domain of the north Italy. According to historians it was traced originally around the VII-IV century BC, even if were the Roman engineers to give it the final settlement.

Way of The Gods

The old Flaminia Military Road – Pic by Luigi Ropa Esposti

In 187 BC, just a few years after the foundation of the city of Bononia (Bologna), the roman consul Caio Flaminio decided to enlarge the ancient Etruscan track with a purely defensive function; the Flaminia Military Road (this the ancient name of the road) was in fact a track which served to move quickly the Legions from the south to the north, without having to lengthen the path through the classic Flaminia road.

With the fall of Roman Empire and the subsequent drop out of the Imperial consular roads, the street lost part of the original flooring and it was reduced to a small path, even if it continued to be a convenient way of communication between the cities of Florence and Bologna. With the advent of modern roads this ancient road was finally forgotten until its rediscovery due to the work of a group of fans hikers that 80s renaming it the “Way of the Gods“, a name derived by the placenames crossed by the road (Mount Adonis, Mount Venere, Mount Giunone).

Way of The Gods

San Luca – Pic by InfoSasso

Today the Way of the Gods is an extraordinary route equipped for both walkers and bikers, which winds among evocative landscapes of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, and that each spring is the preferred destination of travelers who want to reach
the cities of Florence and Bologna in more days, rediscovering the Italian hidden corners and the nature of the Apennines mountains.

So if you are travelers and you love nature we recommend you to drop out the High Speed train and rediscover the taste of the time, the ancient slow approach to the cities and the rugged landscapes of the Apennine mountains; The Way of the Gods will know how to repay you with unique stories, amazing places and great emotions.

Specifications and Services

The Way of the Gods it is entirely covered by trail signs positioned at the beginning and along the path, together with information about the places, distances and the number of the path. On the official site of the Way of the Gods you can also download information on where to sleep and eat.

The Way of the Gods is usually divided into five stretches and on the official website you can keep informed on the more important things to be seen along the way

1° Stretch | Bologna – Badolo
2° Stretch | Badolo – Madonna dei Fornelli
3° Stretch | Madonna dei Fornelli – Mount Fò
4° Stretch | Monte FO – San Piero a Sieve
5° Stretch | San Piero a Sieve – Florence

The Way of The Gods has also a useful App (Only for Androids) where are gathered technical Information, GPS tracks, accommodation, curiosity, tips, pictures together with all the other information you need to approach the path.


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