[Emilia Romagna Slow] Dante’s walk


[Emilia Romagna Slow] Dante’s walk

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“A journey in history and nature which inspired one of the fathers of Italian language and culture, through ancient castles, magical landscapes and silent hermitages where you can still find an intimate tranquility”

The Dante’s Walk is a ring route of about 380 km and usually divided into 20 stages that trace an ideal path that Dante Alighieri, exiled from the city of Florence, completed at the beginning of the twelfth century between Tuscany and Romagna and that develops along the ancient trails of Etruscan-Roman origin.


Dante’s Walk – Map

The walk starts at Dante’s tomb in Ravenna and finishes at the Dante’s House Museum in Florence, crossing most of the places of Dante’s exile and which the poet described in many steps of the Divine Comedy. According to the historians, Dante was in the Casentino area between 1302 and 1313, often changing his residence according to the political phase but always being a guest in the properties and castles of the Conti Guidi family. Dante’s Way is, therefore, a cultural, artistic, historical, philosophical and spiritual journey between the ancient cities of Florence and Ravenna, where the father of culture and the Italian has stayed for a long time in his life.
The landscapes of the Romagna hills, the Conti Guidi castles, the magical corners of the Casentino forest and the green Tuscan hills, here are the places that are currently waiting for those who intend to face Dante’s path, places that many could recognize in the pages of Divine Comedy.


Florence Landscape – Pic by Wikipedia

Dante’s Walk is today a great itinerary that runs through some of the most beautiful places in Italy, crossing small medieval villages and ancient Christian hermitages: from the simplicity and sympathy of the Romagna people to the proud character, sincere and cheerful of the Tuscans.
Like many hiking itineraries, Dante’s path is scattered at regular intervals of facilities, which, by presenting the appropriate Credential of the Way, can be booked at a favorable price. Obviously, given the limited availability of places and the high demand, we recommend that you book in advance.

Hamlets along the Way

Walking through one of the most fascinating areas of medieval castles and hamlets, Dante’s journey matches with many of the most famous villages in Italy.
We, therefore, recommend a visit the amazing village of Brisighella, Portico di Romagna, then passing for San Benedetto in Alpe and its beautiful territory crossed by rivers and waterfalls where it is possible to have a bath. As we descend towards the plain, we suggest you visit Dovadola, an ancient nucleus belonging to the Conti Guidi, and the place of residence of the poet for a few months.



Technical specifications and services

Like all the ring routes, Dante’s Walk can be approached from any inhabited center along the route and with the possibility of finding public transport for returning.
The total of about 380 Km of the route is generally divided into 20 stages, all equipped with specific horizontal and vertical signs. On the official website, it is possible to find all information about the places of refreshment and how to get the guide and credentials of the path which entitles you to a special discount for overnights.
The Way is ranked with an easy difficulty level; however, due to its several day itineraries, we recommend to all those who wish to take on the Walk to equip with suitable equipment for the route.

Regions crossed: Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany
Legs: the length of the leg in Emilia Romagna is of 207km

Legs going towards Florence

1st Stage   | Ravenna – Ponte Vico 19km
2nd Stage | Ponte Vico – Oriolo dei Fichi 18.7 km
3rd Stage | Oriolo dei Fichi – Brisighella 17.2 km
4th Stage | Brisighella – Gamberaldi 23.3 km
5th Stage | Gamberaldi – Marradi 10 km
6th Stage | Marradi – San Benedetto in Alpe 23 km

Legs going towards Ravenna

1st Stage   | Premilcuore – Portico di Romagna 9.7 km
2nd Stage | Portico – Dovadola 26.7km
3rd Stage | Dovadola – Forli 22.5 km
4th Stage | Forli – Ponte Vico 18 km
5th Stage | Ponte Vico – Ravenna 19 Km

Length: km 395 Ravenna – Firenze – Ravenna
Level of Difficulty: it is not particularly difficult, some legs can be done by mountain bike and others on horseback. The trail is not handicap accessible.

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