Emilia Romagna is a Sea of Flavors


Emilia Romagna is a Sea of Flavors

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Emilia Romagna is a Sea of Flavors (Emilia Romagna è un mare di sapori)  is an initiative by the Agriculture Government Department of Emilia Romagna, in collaboration with the consortia of the products we are famous for all aroud the world. It has a program rich of events, shows and tastings going on from July to September in the main cities and seaside resorts of Emilia Romagna. The purpose of the initiative is to combine the best of our enogastronomy with some of our best locations allowing you to experience what makes us unique in a context of entertainment and fun!

But let us tell you a little bit of each of the events you can enjoy if you are attending Emilia Romagna is a Sea of Flavors.

DiWine Sunset
Schermata 2013-07-23 a 10.35.24Seven sunsets in seven of the historically richest squares of Emilia Romagna, sipping our best wines and our PDO and GPI products. The occasion is the publication of the new Wine Guide “Emilia Romagna da bere e da mangiare” by the A.I.S. Emilia e Romagna sommelier.
Wine and food tasting, but also food storytelling for an audience who will be travelling with its mind back in time.
Each event will present more than 250 types of wine, paired with typical regional food: Prosciutto di Parma (Parma); Mortadella Bologna (Bologna); Piadina Romagnola and Squacquerone (Ferrara); extravirgin oil of Brisighella and garlic of Voghiera (Cesenatico); Cold-cuts of Piacenza (Lido degli Estensi); Prosciutto di Modena, Riso of Po Delta; Parmigiano-Reggiano and “forgotten” fruits(Rimini); Pears of Emilia Romagna and “forgotten” (Cesena).  These produts will be tasted by twenty lucky people who will be invited to Exclusive tastings.

Here are all the DiWine Sunset dates: July 10, Bologna (Piazza Minghetti), July 17, Ferrara (Piazza Municipale), July 26, Cesenatico (Piazza Spose Marinai), August 3,  Lido degli Estensi (Viale Carducci), August 23, Milano Marittima (Viale Gramsci), August 29, Rimini (Piazza Cavour), September 13, Cesena (Piazza del Popolo).

Fire to the myth

690X270_fuocoalmito_614x0_614x0The striking way to cook milk on a wood-burning firebox traditionally made of copper, destined to become Parmigiano Reggiano, for the first time will be stopping in Bologna and Ferrara.  A spectacular show with the “King of Cheeses” as main character, celebrated and tasted by whoever will attend, always paired with sparkling Lambrusco and other rosées wines.
Parmigiano Reggiano is a unique product, made in a specific territory, the four provinces od Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena and Bologna. Fire to the myth is a gift to the talent of our maestri dairymakers who have been able to maintain the same taste over the years and made it one of the excellences of the “made in Italy”

Here are all the Fire to the myth dates: July 6, Bologna (Piazza Santo Stefano), July 20, Ferrara (Piazza Trento e Trieste), August 10, Rimini (Piazza Cavour) and September 7, Cervia (Piazzale dei Salinari).

Homage to Giuseppe Verdi, Farmer

Schermata 2013-07-25 a 09.37.29After having celebrated the centenary of Pellegrino Artusi and Giovanni Pascoli, A Sea of Flavors pays homage to the Opera king with an extraordinary theater show promoted by the Associazione Terre Traverse: “L’Altra Opera, Verdi agricoltore – the other opera, farmer Verdi “.
An unconventional Verdi is the main character, with his bond to his land and its simple food tradition. Maestro Verdi was apparently keen to merge the intangible culture of music with the material culture of good food and traditional dishes, as emerges from many letters of him. All this will be explained and enhanced in the show.

Here are the “Homage to Giuseppe Verdi, Farmer” dates:  August 4, Rimini (Piazza Cavour), August 17, Comacchio (Arena di Palazzo Bellini), August 22, Riccione (Villa Mussolini), September 9, Cervia (Magazzini del Sale) and September 22, Gariga di Podenzano (PC) (Corte Faggiola).


Salty taste

Sapore-di-SaleCervia’s salt is collected in September, and the city has been dedicating for seventeen years a three-days party to its “white gold”. From September 6th to the 8th, in the wonderful area of the Salt Stock and the Dock, the celebration will merge food and history in a perfect combination of appointments that will make your weekend fun and tasty.
Cervia was able to maintain its historical traditions through “Salty Taste” the celebration of ancient flavors, with “l’Armessa de Sel”, literally “Salt Repalacement”, the most important moment of salt collection, when salt was moved along the drain to the stock where the precious mineral was stored.

If you can read a little Italian you can read the program of event here  otherwise you can write an email to info@cerviasaporedisale.it.

A Sea of Flavors in Piacenza

Schermata 2013-07-25 a 09.42.05On September 21st and 22nd, A Sea of Flavors arrives in Piacenza. In the Faggiola di Gariga, two days of culture and food and wine tastings. When millions years ago the sea used to cover the whole Emilia Romagna, and only few areas were only brushed by the water. Those areas were called “terramare” and were the hills around Piacenza.
That’s why it is Piacenza that hosts “A Sea of Flavors 2013”. Food and wine celebration for sure, but also fun, guaranteed with the artificial beach for Marbles Competitions and the students of “Conservatorio Nicolini” of Piacenza who will entertain you with covers of songs going from the Beatles to Lady Gaga. But enogastronomy is the heart of the program and for those of you attending, there will be traditional products to be tasted.

Sea Flavors

Schermata 2013-07-25 a 09.54.51With Sea Flavors, food is on show: a travelling tour for the promotion of the seventeen enogastronomic pearls from Ferrara that will entertain the coast of the Ferrara area from June to September. From “Dinners with Murder” to “Laboratories of Taste and Falvors”, from guided tour for cyclist to programs for kids, thanks to Sea Flavors, in Ferrara good food and good wine will be the only performers for an unforgettable show! If you want to read a little more about the program, you can click here.

We are sure that even after this short overview, you will be longing for a visit! So what are you waiting for! Dive with us in the Sea of flavors of Emilia Romagna!


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