Cycling from Venice to Ferrara


Cycling from Venice to Ferrara

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Venice, one of the most romantic city in the world, is just few km away from Emilia Romagna region. Actually with the high speed train is only 1h15min far from Bologna, but today we would like to present you a very special itinerary, perfect for the cycling lovers and ad hoc to enjoy the spring time.

Reaching Ferrara in the Po river delta from Venice is not that difficult, and suitable for almost everyone as the level route is mainly along minor roads.

cycling er foto copertina“This journey takes Venice’s public transport network as far as Chioggia, crosses the rivers Brenta and Adige, and unwinds southwards through the landscape created by the River Po in its slow progress towards the Adriatic, which gave life to one of the broadest wetland zones of the European Mediterranean: The Po Delta, an ideal roaming ground for the naturalist, the environmentalist and the gourmet. It arrives in Ferrara along the ‘Destra Po’ route. Two cities, both friends and enemies, joined by culture and centuries of history in which wars alternated with periods of warm friendship when the dukes of Ferrara were welcomed in San Marco in honour and brotherhood.” (Info thanks to the Ferrara official website)

Road book and maps available here
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