Crazy in love with Emilia-Romagna


Crazy in love with Emilia-Romagna

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If you are organizing a trip but you still have not decided the destination, here you are a list of reasons that will push you to discover Emilia-Romagna…  Listening at least one of our five senses is just enough to fall in love with this territory!

It’s certainly the first of five senses to be affected. From the Apennines’ green peaks to Romagna beaches, passing through parks and natural reserves, hiking, lakes and cities of art: in a little moment, eyes are filled with wonder.


Valle Fattibello (Comacchio) – in competition for WLM 2016


Piazza Maggiore (Bologna) – in competition for WLM 2016

Equally with the architectural and natural beauties of Emilia-Romagna, there is the traditional food: food nd wine are part of the regional cultural heritage and sitting at the table itself is an integral part of an unforgettable journey.
Probably the famous adage If you want to drive him/her in love, take it by the throat was born right here!

Langhirano, Parma. Visita al prosciuttificio di Langhirano - Parma (Ph. © GIORGIO SALVATORI)

Classical music is still widely followed and appreciated even by younger generations but Opera is not the only reason to spend an evening in one of the historic theaters of Emilia-Romagna: every province is active giving space to Italian and foreign original productions, thematic festivals, concerts and exhibitions, helping to create a reservoir of international artistic influences. All events:


Municipale Theatre (Piacenza)


Angelo Masini Theatre (Faenza) – contesting for WLM 2016

Emilia-Romagna jealously preserves, as well as traditional recipes, even the handicraft culture: the handmade tradition rooted in centuries-old workers and became over time a valuable piece of regional identity.
The craftsmanship is, of course, the egg-pasta rolled out by hand, the food and the wine which every laboratory, workshop and consortium jealously guards the production procedures, but comes to embrace many other categories: bikes, for example, tailors, ceramics, motors.


I want to suggest an experiment: try to recognize the smells around you in every corner of Emilia-Romagna: even the most unsightly is telling a story. In the country, they tell the cycle of life, cities smell like history, the highest peaks transmit freedom. In any case, sniffing is a way to recognize and appreciate the excitement and energy in a territory.



Nella vita mi piace mangiare focaccia, andare in bicicletta e collezionare magliette a righe bianche e blu. Ma soprattutto mi piace scrivere. E infatti qualcosa scrivo.

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