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STD Parma ham festival

Sara Mantovani July 24, 2014

Do you know that the word “prosciutto” (ham) takes its origin from the Latin prae exuctus, meaning ‘dried up’. The ancient Gauls and Romans already knew since a long time the art of salting and preserving meats, in fact the earliest evidence on the processing and preservation of pork meat by salting can be found in… Continue Reading »


Clam festival in Goro – Ferrara

Sara Mantovani June 27, 2014

The province of  Ferrara is absolutely gorgeus as it combines Renaissance splendour of the city itself with the wildness and romantic atmosphere of the Po River delta. The little town of Goro, is an important fishing port on the north-east border of the vast protected area of the Po Delta Regional Park. A number of… Continue Reading »


Flavours galore in Rimini with “Al mèni”

Sara Mantovani June 17, 2014

“Al mèni” is the local dialect expression to say “the hands” and this simple and very comunicative words have been chosen to explain the deep meaning of the event that is taking place this week-end in Rimini One of the best way to say “hello” at the beginning of the new season, enjoy the seaside… Continue Reading »


Molto Mario and Emilia Romagna

Sara Mantovani May 26, 2014

To celebrate and honour Emilia Romagna cities and local cuisine for us is easy, we have done it so often! But when is one of the most famous American chef that says from the undisputed podium of the Chicago Tribune:” there is probably no region in all of Italy as close to my heart as Emilia-Romagna”… Continue Reading »


A very special outdoor ride

Sara Mantovani April 30, 2014

Thinking about a very special way to spend a day en plain air? That’s maybe something suitable for you! The Cervia salt pan is un untouched place that reminds us how valuable salt is and what an amzing work has to be done to extract it from the sea. In the area around Cervia you… Continue Reading »


Sweet Easter in Emilia Romagna

Sara Mantovani April 16, 2014

Every single feast, religious or pagan it’s a formidable occasion to exploit a bit of our rich and endless culinary tradition. Easter won’t disappoint our palates:) Few posts ago we had the occasion to present you one of the most common cake called Ciambella, here presented with my grandma recipe. And today we would like… Continue Reading »

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