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Sweet Easter in Emilia Romagna

Sara Mantovani April 16, 2014

Every single feast, religious or pagan it’s a formidable occasion to exploit a bit of our rich and endless culinary tradition. Easter won’t disappoint our palates:) Few posts ago we had the occasion to present you one of the most common cake called Ciambella, here presented with my grandma recipe. And today we would like… Continue Reading »


Egg hunt in the Castles of Parma and Piacenza Duchy

Sara Mantovani April 14, 2014

Origins of egg hunt tradition is not clear, it is common in many countries but nobody could say exactly when and where it started. So let’s take the best part of it, the occasion to get together and spend some lovely time en plein air. At Gropparello Castle, “THE MAGIC WHITE DRAGON EGG HUNT ” will take place… Continue Reading »


SPA, the way to rest after cycling

Sara Mantovani April 11, 2014

After proposing you two cycling itineraries, it’s time to point out a way to rest your tired body. Firts of all, STD for the notte celeste of Spa of Emilia Romagna region: a night to relax and an ideal way to discover the peaceful world of the spa resorts of Emilia Romagna region. Spa resorts will… Continue Reading »


#TheGreatBeauty of Emilia Romagna or The Gready Beauty of Emilia Romagna

Sara Mantovani March 7, 2014

#TheGreatBeauty of Emilia Romagna or I would say The Gready Beauty of Emilia Romagna. The culture of great food and delicious high quality products is part of our tradition and there is a place in Emilia Romagna where  you can learn a lot about it. Casa Artusi was founded in the name of cultured gastronomist from… Continue Reading »


American tigella

Sara Mantovani February 26, 2014

We will never stop talking about food! The Italian tradition about home cooking spread around the entire world and we are very proud of that. Event the important Washington Post yesterday devoted a post blog to a restaurant that serves tigelle! Tigelle are a typical bread of the Apennines around Modena but today widely eaten… Continue Reading »


Indulge with Carnival sweets

Sara Mantovani February 14, 2014

The period of carnival which precedes Lent is a time in which people are supposed to have as much fun as possible and eat as much as they can before the forty days of fasting and penitence. For this reason, during carnival there are always many sweets, especially ones fried in pork fat– today actually oil… Continue Reading »

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