| 21 March 2017

Saturday, March 25 will mark the birthday of Marco Belinelli, Italian basketball player from Emilia Romagna and only in Italian basketball history to win an NBA national title and an NBA All-Star Weekend, in the… Read more >>

| 10 January 2017

Let’s imagine that you are looking for something different and entertaining to boost your weekend, on the one side because you need to change something in your life, on the other side because you need… Read more >>

| 06 June 2016

The starting point is the title of Federico Fellini classic film “La Dolce Vita” and, after years, this famous film that celebrates the italian golden age is still the inspiration for a life of heedless pleasure and… Read more >>

| 03 June 2016

This weekend we want to lead you to discover the area of the Wellness Valley of Emilia Romagna, that is the part of Romagna where you can find an extraordinary concentration of activities and facilities… Read more >>

| 01 June 2016

The fine quality of life has always been an essence of Emilia Romagna’s DNA: sincere relationships, tasty cuisine, passion for sport and active life, discovery of coastal paths or in the hinterland, the allure of… Read more >>

| 24 May 2016

The Wellness Valley, also known as the first International District dedicated to wellness and quality of life, is something that only here could happen. And it is from a such idea that slowly gets its way… Read more >>