| 02 September 2016

During these months we traveled from Apennines to Adria Coast… You have brought us by the sea, we enjoyed a glass of wine on the hills of Bologna, we breathed the fresh air walking around… Read more >>

| 22 July 2016

Gabriele Basilico was (and he always will be) one of the artists who has most marked the history of the twentieth century photography. During March-April of 1978, he was commissioned by the monthly magazine Modo to immortalize people having fun on Emilia… Read more >>

| 14 July 2016

“I always say that in our blood there is no blue blood, there are pins”. (Micol Fontana) Sorelle Fontana (literally “Fontana Sisters”, also known as Sorelle Fontana, Alta Moda srl) is an Italian fashion house,… Read more >>

| 05 July 2016

They are scattered throughout Italy and never fail to create lots of curiosity every time they return, at least for a moment, in the news. In most cases, they are located within mountains and they… Read more >>

| 10 June 2016

This week kicked off the 5th edition of BlogVille, the project organized by APT Servizi together with iAmbassador network that leads the travel-bloggers from around the world in Emilia-Romagna and leaves them free to go… Read more >>

| 03 May 2016

The CSAC- Study Center and Communication Archive of the University of Parma is promoting an interesting exhibition about the Via Emilia called “Explorations of the Archive”, one of the exhibitions that will start on the… Read more >>