Nature and Parks

| 29 April 2016

The next weekend we take you through the Pilgrims Paths of Emilia Romagna Region, a set of ancient trails that marked the sure ways to reach the Holy places of Italy. The pilgrimage to Rome during the… Read more >>

| 28 April 2016

Emilia-Romagna region is an inexhaustible source of beauty, art, good food, hiking and many possibilities for leisure activities and now it offers the chance to walk along 10 ancient pilgrimage routes on both pedestrian and bike paths, characterized… Read more >>

| 26 April 2016

Imagine to follow a path that has more than 2500 years, where the echoes of peoples who inhabited Italy over the centuries resounds. It’s the Way of the Gods (Via degli Dei), ancient trail crossing… Read more >>

| 11 March 2016

A day in the Po Delta, discovering Comacchio and its valleys: a lovely video by VisitFerrara.

| 04 March 2016

“Casentino Senza Tempo” ( Timeless Casentino ) is part of a series of video to tell about a hidden side of Italy by ItaliaSenzaTempo. Italy is a fascinating country, known for its history and its… Read more >>

| 08 January 2016

The New Year welcomed us with a white surprise: awaited for long and from so many, the first snow of 2016 has gently whitened the hills and mountains of our region, from Marecchia Valley to… Read more >>