La Riviera

| 02 August 2016

Save the date: on Rimini beach is coming the Corona Sunset Festival in his unique Italian date. The event will take place August 13th along free Porto beach (Largo Boscovichevent). What about the program? Basic details: the sunset,… Read more >>

| 18 July 2016

From July 21 to 24 all of Romagna, from the Riviera to the inland areas, will pay homage to one of its most identifying and unmistakeable elements, “Liscio” dancing. The “Liscio” dancing of Emilia-Romagna is… Read more >>

| 01 July 2016

Waiting for the Pink Night and the long weekend of events that from tonight will enliven the whole Adriatic Riviera of Emilia-Romagna (and more), we travel along the 110 km of coastline from Comacchio to… Read more >>

| 27 June 2016

Pink Positive or in other words: it’s not summer without the Pink Night in Romagna! The unmissable event for this weekend will took place from sunset to sunrise along the Adria Coast dyed in pink thanks to… Read more >>

| 01 April 2016

A phototrip across Romagna -through Cesena, Cesenatico, Cervia and Rimini- with the Instagram photograper Davide Pretto aka @dvdprtto. Take a deep breathe and relax with us among the pastel colors of the Adriatic Coast in spring:

| 03 July 2015

This is the moment when the all Rimini Riviera turns pink to celebrate the best summer event: the Pink Night. It’s a coral event where everyone has a part to play. Everyone takes part in organising… Read more >>